How does being "cool" work?

I just watched Roger Federer win Wimbledon again. On completion of the match he sat in his chair and put on his cream blazer with his tennis related crest on the pocket and rather than thinking “what a dickhead” I thought “how cool is that?”

Now I’m sure that part of it is how superhumanly good he is, and part is due to what a decent human being he seems to be but really…a cream blazer. How does he pull that off?

Sex appeal.

I knew it was something foreign to me.

I almost bought this blazer at J Crew today. I think I could have pulled it off with the right pants and shirt.

“Being cool” works by “being” cool. It’s not “acting cool” or “dressing cool”. It’s not bragging or showboating. It’s being comfortible in a style that reflects who you are and what you’re about.

It’s the reason why one person can look cool in a suit while another person looks like he stole it from his dad.