How does ending a cult of personality dictatorship work

In some countries the dictator is seen as a living god, and the people feel it is their god given duty to just obey the leader since he always knows best. This seems to describe Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Japan under the Emperor, North Korea under Kim Il Sung and probably Germany under Hitler to name a few.

However after the dictator falls, how do you go about bringing the end to the cult of personality? The Kim dynasty in Korea will eventually end, so what is going to happen to de-Kim the country since 1/3 of education is designed to preach loyalty to Kim, and statues and pictures of Kim are everywhere? After Stalin died I think Kruschev waited a year, then gave a report on all the atrocities Stalin committed while tearing down the statutes and monuments to Stalin. Wouldn’t tearing down the statues and monuments to the leader willy nilly cause massive revolt and mass suicide in a cult of personality dictatorship? If flushing the Koran down the toilet can lead to violent revolts then how do you end a cult of personality dictatorship?

The only way this is going to work is a new generation of leaders who don’t believe in it.

The only way *that * is going to work is freedom of information.

Which is the true beauty of the Internet, IMO. It’s the first time in history that no government can thoroughly stifle news to the people, as long as they have a computer. It’s not like getting the last copy of the rebel newspaper, which can be burned - the information is out there for everyone to access.

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Ending a cult of personality is easy. The next leader puts himself up as the god to be worshipped. Then everybody converts or dies. And you can do like Kruschev and show what a bastard the old guy really was. The 1-2 combo of Old guy: BAD, New guy: GOOD can erase old personalities right out of the history books. Literally.

Or you could martyr the last guy, like they did in China.

That’s true. Becoming the prophet of the old God can just as powerful as the old god himself since you’re using his post-mortem authority. Then just embalm the old god, prop him up in a museum and tell folks that disobeying you would make the old god angry.

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