How does Hell's Kitchen get away with so much swearing?

I love Hell’s Kitchen, but I only really started watching it a few seasons back. So lately I’ve been watching the older seasons on Prime. And what jumps out at me watching the shows back to back is just how much swearing there is. Now if I’m right this was originally airing on Fox (I think), but certainly it was on some network. How did it get away with soooooooooooo many f-bombs?

Yes, the episodes apparently originally aired on Fox.

My guess would be that, when it was aired on Fox, the f-bombs were bleeped, but the version you’re watching isn’t censored in that way (because it no longer has to be).

Perhaps swearing itself is more endearing with a British accent? I have never watched the show.

However, I have seen those bizarre football “this is a cold call” detergent commercials. This concept strikes me as very odd and I occasionally wonder which audience Is being targeted. Men who want to save on water heating? People who like temperamental chefs? Or gruff telemarketers?

That’s why I like the kid’s version of Master Chef; Gordon Ramsey doesn’t do nearly as much swearing - in fact, none. He gets mad occasionally but not full-blown tirades. Sincehe can control it in that show, it shows how much of an act his swearing is.

His f-bombs are bleeped when shown on Fox, which meets broadcast rules I guess. Are his shows on Prime uncensored?

Ramsay’s USP is over-the-top rage, abuse and swearing. That’s what makes it entertaining, it’s certainly what the viewers want. I think the question is more about how it has been allowed on network TV.

Oh definitely mainly an act. Kind of like Simon Cowell. It is a character. I’ve heard he’s very demanding in his kitchens, and can get angry is somebody really pisses him off, but not like on Hell’s Kitchen. You can see in a lot of his other shows he’s pretty pleasant (kid’s show as mentioned, but also MasterChef, and The F word). Maybe it is bleeped? It is funny. I don’t remember it being bleeped but I think my memory must be playing with me because I’ve binged seasons 1 to 5 in a row now. Love the show, and Ramsay in general. He cracks me up on Hell’s Kitchen.

The show ran into trouble for swearing several times in England, and Ramsey vowed to tone it down when it came to America.

Whether he did or didn’t, I’m sure that Fox bleeped him and that streaming doesn’t, just as everybody’s saying.

Is it really not censored on Prime? I’d love to hear it without the 10-second extended bleeps and I want to hear his full insults. Brits really know how to talk some shit!

It is definitely not bleeped on Prime. :slight_smile: