How does my home connection affect access?

I’m well aware that the hampsters are on starvation rations.

Nevertheless, I have to wonder how much my home dial-up connection is affecting my ability to access the boards. Do all you DSL and cable folks spend a lot of time watching the blue bar before you get the time out message?

The speed of your connection won’t make much, if any, difference when accessing the SDMB - the server is the bottleneck.

I just switched to DSL from dial-up and I must say things seem to move alot faster on the board. Sure there are times that it is still slow but not the horrible slowness where I could go put a load of laundry on and come back and the page had still not loaded. So yes, I do believe speed at home helps.

Pistols at dawn! :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

25 or 50 paces? :slight_smile:

I had DSL back in NJ, and dialup now, for the time being. I see little difference between the two, in terms of board access.

Well then maybe it was changing from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 but I am telling you things are moving faster for me. Or maybe it is just my imagination. :smiley:

I have just recently come back to the Board after months away, mainly because it sucked having to wait so long on my 32.2 dialup. Now, with the cable, it’s unbelievably better. Still some wait time, but nothing like before. Whether this is due to an improvement in thet server as well as the faster connection, I dunno and I doncare. I’m just glad to have the chance to read and post again.

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Maybe it’s the hours I use, but I find that my modem freshes the SDMB faster than the university’s T3 connection.