How does my new phone have a Spanish language voice mail?

So I recently decided to downgrade my cell service from T-Mobile to MetroPCS due to the surpringly large savings I get with Metro. Well, I do see some quality issues w/Metro that i think are to be expected when you make such a drastic decrease in money being spent (avg. $130/month w/T-mobile vs. $40/month w/Metro). For the most part, however, I’ve been extremely pleased with my decision to switch.

One bizarre thing that I have discovered when i got my new phone, an LG smartphone, a really decent one, (in line with all my previous phones with T-Mobile) is the factory-installed voice mail message is in Spanish. How did this happen? Did LG accidentally have stock supply meant to be bound for Mexico somehow end up in MI?? Thats the only thing i can think of. Or do some of these phone companies offer Spanish language services for predominantly Hispanic areas, like Miami, etc?

When your account was set up, I’m wondering if someone accidentally selected the region as Mexico or the language as Spanish. You could try doing a reset on the phone to see if selecting English during set up fixes this, but voicemail is normally a cell service provider function. I recommend you call MetroPCS and ask them to fix this.

I did some searching online. Apparently this is a common problem for Metro PCS. If you look for your phone model and Metro PCS spanish voicemail, you should be able to find instructions on how to get back to english.