How does one become a Harlem Globetrotter?

I guess the title says it all. What are the requirements for joining the Globetrotters?
Presuming that a professional level of basketball profiency is required is it really more lucrative than an NBA basketball career?

It is not more lucrative than the NBA, or else top level players would be clamoring to make the squad. Globetrotters are typically players who couldn’t cut it as pro level players, but don’t want to play in overseas leagues.

A link from the Globetrotters’ website tells us that they actively recruit college players from around the world, likely ones who otherwise wouldn’t make it in a pro draft; they also welcome people to apply for a tryout with the team. Showmanship, I’d imagine, is more important than real basketball skill.

When I took my kid to see them a month ago, it looked like the net wasn’t at 10 feet. The level of play wasn’t as high as an NBA game.

Slight hijack - How does one become a Washington General? How would you feel if you got rejected trying out for them?

Practice, practice, practice. :wink:

I understand Hamilton Burger used to play for the Washington Generals.

The Globetrotters can be reached via their website, . They want to hear from you! And depending on how the audition goes, thry might personally put you in touch with the Washington Generals…

Slight Hijack - Has there ever been a white Harlem Globetrotter?

[Homer Simpson] Aah, the Luftwaffe … the Washington Generals of the History Channel! [/Homer Simpson]

Bob Karstens (signed 1942) was the first white Globetrotter. There have been a few since then.