How Does One Become A Mogul?

After reading an article on the internet about a record mogul, a coworker of mine has decided that it is his time to shine and that he wishes to become a mogul.* He made some inquiries and decided that being mogul would be consistent with his career goals. The problem is, he doesn’t quite know how one goes about becoming a mogul. I told him that the requriements were probably something along the lines of “a big, powerful company and a yacht.” But I wasn’t able to help him out more.**

Right now, he works developing computer systems for the construction industry. And he brews his own beer at home. He’s got a big stereo and a motorcycle. Don’t know if these details help.

Are there any moguls out there? Any moguls-to-be? He needs some help. Upon further discussion, he became enraged when he learned that a former coworker’s business card called him a “Business Development Mogul.” I believe that shortly after attaining mogulhood, he will begin to smite the false Moguls, so we’ll have to figure out a way that he can become a Mogul and not be so angry. Any suggestions?

*Please note, he’s not interetested in becoiming a ruler in ancient India, rather a powerful personage in business.

** I’ve got a feeling that it runs something along the lines of,

Step 1: Order these books and cassettes

Step 2: ???

Step 3: Profit!

Lie down on a ski slope and wait until enough snow piles up on you to create a serious traffic concern.

Darn you, CalMeacham! Darn you straight to Heck! I wanted to say that

Well, to become a Moghul, first you have to conquer an empire in India…

<rereads OP> Oh dear Og, how embarassing.

Was your co-worker specifically interested in the music industry? If so, I recommend a book called something like “Breakin’ in to the Music Business”; it describes how that industry worked. I read it about ten years ago during my last career-research phase. Of course, these days there would have to be an update to deal with that whole illegal-file-sharing thing.