How Does One Get A Job With The Royal Family?

I was thinking of the British royals, but I guess the question applies to pretty much all royal family.

I reckon they don’t put an add in Craigslist, “Wanted: One Nanny, must be able to provide for future king”

It can’t be civil service.

I am thinking the jobs might be handed down from one generation to the other somehow. Of course I’m basing this on Family Affair and he said he comes from a long line of “gentlemen’s gentlemen,” and was brought up to be in that profession.

So does anyone know?

They don’t use Craigslist.

They use LizzysList. You can even apply for a summer job with them.

I don’t know about the British, but in Italy it was often an hereditary job. A former professor of my husband’s at USD was a playmate of the Italian royal family’s children. An official playmate. As were her parents and grandparents in their childhood days.

Kind of cool, actually- it meant she spent tons of time in the royal household growing up.

Heh. There’s an official Facebook page. :slight_smile:

Markxxx you’re really bummed about not being invited to the wedding, huh? Trying to sneak in as an employee? :wink:

I’m awaiting the facebook page “I crashed the Royal wedding and accidently the whole cake”

I’ve been out of work for three years and I haven’t had a date since 1999 so yeah I’m made, I figured, I’d get the invite, smooze a date, and land a job with my charm


Marry wisely. :slight_smile: