How does one get Red-Flagged by the FBI?

I was just wondering how the FBI red-flags people? How do they know who is going where on the internet, and what content is considered Red-flagable? I know kiddie porn and other such things are red-flagable but what about other sites - that may aide terrorists?

I mean I have been in discussions on these boards where things like building bombs, where do terrorists strike next, and what’s the best way to strike the US has been discussed. How some that has not been red-flagged? Or has it?

One way is by asking questions like this one :wink:

I’ve wondered that as well. Since the early 80s I’ve subscribed to Anarcho-commie punk zines like Maximumrockandroll and Profane Existence, ordered stuff (mostly T-shirts, but a few books) from subversive lit distros like AK Press and Loompanics, registered to vote once as a socilaist and saw Jello Biafras spoken word shows a few times. I’ve always wondered if I’m on some list.


I’d say if you hung outside the gates of Los Alamos with a cardboard sign that says “CASH FOR PLUTONIUM” you’d get some attention.

[ul]:eek: [sup]Rob a bank![/sup][/ul]