How does one move to Vancouver, Canada from the US

Is getting a visa difficult for that country?

Is it easier if you are a student and under what conditions must your schooling be? (I.E. credit hours, etc.)


Welcome to the Straight Dope. As a starting point, you could check out this website. I have it bookmarked–I too would like to live in Vancouver.

Thanks any more information about moving to Vancouver?


Yours is a pretty broad question. What specifically do you want to know?

First, check out MrO’s link - it really does have most of the info you need.

Second, difficulty will depend in part on what type of visa you’re looking for. Student visas are quite easy as are visitor visas (assuming you don’t have any felony convictions or that sort of thing).

If you want to become a perminant resident or citizen it’s more complicated and there are more stringent requirements to be met: education, knowledge of both official languages, $$ available, Canadian family ties, etc.

So - in summary, if you want to visit or attend school it’s quite simple. If you wanna be a resident, you’re gonna have to jump quite a few more hoops.

Alice - Canadian helping non-Canadians work and play here for 6 years.

Best city in Canada to live in, in my opinon. Unfortunately, a lot of other people think so as well, and rent is pretty high. :slight_smile:

Bring lots of cash.

From the report I saw on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago, you simply go to the border guard and complain of politcial persecution. Supposedly no one is turned away.

Are you serious?

Well I am looking for a job and I want to live there for at least a year?

How difficult is that?


AVA is it just a job you’re wanting in Vancouver? What else? Thinking of some MJ harvests there too, are ya? :wink: Just messin’ with ya.


When I did this 8 years ago I had to get a work permit, which required proof of my job qualifications, proof that I had a job waiting for me, and about $100. No visa, no passport required. Just a birth certificate (or other valid proof of US citizenship) required to get across the border the first time. After that, the work permit sufficed. There was always more scrutiny getting back into the US than there was getting into Canada.

I dont have a job waiting for me as of now…

Will this make my departure more difficult?

So technically I just need some sort of temporary resident access and the ability to have a job. I was thinking that I would actually have to be in Canada before I started filling out work visas.

Any more info? I plan on moving to Vancouver.