I got a letter from Canada today...

After almost 2 years, a bunch of forms, a handful of money, and a medical, WE’VE BEEN APPROVED FOR A VISA!

Well, my wife was approved. After we get her visa, I can get mine.

Vancouver BC, here we come!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

From where, if I might ask?

How did you get behind me if you weren’t in Canada, before? :dubious:

I wish I could get a work visa. Vancouver would be a sweet place to work.

The last time I got a letter from Canada, it was to tell me they’d put money into my bank account.

It’s cruise boat season, and downtown is clogged with middle age couples moving at the speed of mammal evolution. No where good for a Chinese lunch unless you leave the core. Such is my day.

No, no, no. You misunderstood. You’ve been pre-approved for a Visa credit card. No monthly fee and only 10% interest!

Offer contingent on cardholder meeting Visa’s criteria. Offer not valid in Quebec.

Hey Seven, if you’re in the States, I’ll switch you. I’d love a Visa to work there.


Speaker for the Dead: In in Portland Oregon USA at the moment.

Johnny: You’re so close you could almost commute.

Dr_Paprika: It’s easy if North is in front of you.

Carlyjay: I wish that could be arranged. We found people on both sides wanting to cross borders.

Muffin: Thank you.

That’s funny, my letters from Canada always want money from ME (and my VISA ain’t no 10%, either).

Welcome to the Monkey House, Seven. I assume you and your wife will be visiting lovely Calgary, and stopping by to meet Calgary Dopers and drink beers?

Sure thing. It might not be for a year or so. My first Canada Dopefest will have to be in the Vancouver area.

Could be worse. You could be in Victoria. I actually get people staring at me because I walk at a pace that will get me home sometime before the next ice age.

Welcome to Canada Seven! I’m planning on moving back to Vancouver sooner or later, so we’ll just have to see who gets there first.


I look forward to the opportunity to drink beer/coffee/the blood of innocents/etc with you at some point in the near future.

I’m unimpressed, I’ve got a wallet full of visas. I don’t think any of them are from our northern neighbors, though.

(Actually, I am impressed. I have a friend who’s trying desperately to get a marriage visa.)

I’m unimpressed because she’s moving to Vancouver.

Everyone knows Toronto is the centre of the universe. Really.


Don’t listen to those silly Torontonians; they’re just jealous because Calgary is smooooookin’ hot right now (economically-wise, that is - Toronto can keep it’s 500 degree heat waves). :stuck_out_tongue:

And how did we miss this so far? - ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Nut uh. I live beside The Center of the Universe. Really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grats, Seven! I just gained permanent residency here in the US, maybe they decided you guys were an equal trade? :smiley: (After all, it takes* two * Americans to equal one Canadian, and… OW! Stop hitting me, ye hosers!)

Aww, they’re so cute when they’re delusional!