How does one prepare for the US becoming fascist or breaking up?

[grunts thoughtfully]

How much has the English system of governance changed since the days of Mad King George?

Alter Kämpfer and Alter Trumpfer

Some advice from a Bosnian who saw their country break up and fall into civil war.

He repeatedly stresses that guns and ammunition are absolutely indispensable. Not sufficient by themselves, but necessary for anything else to do you any good.

You’ll have military that will go along, and many will not. The military is both, historically speaking, the strongest representation of white supremacy in America, and yet it is also the place where many minorities got their first taste of integration and merit-based promotion. It is a surprisingly strong institution and its strength is one of the reasons that people across the political spectrum respect it - one of the few respected institutions left in this country. That’s what makes the increasingly polarized environment so disturbing, and you see people like Gens McCaffrey, Mullen, and others speaking out against it forcefully.

If it happens and is done well, it will happen too slowly for the military to ever make any decisive split from the government. If the person running the show is smart they will avoid any point at which the military is forced to take a side. They will just be the military for a functioning democracy today, and the military for a non-functioning democracy in a few years time, with no clear point where it went from one to the other.

In my case many of the neighbors are Trump supporters :cry:

I stand by my comment.

Trump and his supporters aren’t known for doing things well. I think there’s two broad scenarios.

  1. Trump (or Desantis or Cruz or whoever) win in 2024 without direct cheating. Believe it or not I think this is actually a better scenario.

  2. Trump or whichever Republican runs loses in 2024, but the Republican state officials in purple states won by Biden declare the Republican the winner anyway. This is where it gets messy. Who does SCOTUS side with? If SCOTUS sides with an obvious theft of the election, does Biden call out the military? If so, what would the generals do?

Wow Lumpy, thanks for that link. It’s very interesting.

I’m in good shape for some things, not so much for others.

Two acres way up in the Colorado Mountains. We have a small spring that runs through our property for water, hygiene, flushing toilets. We live in a forest, so wood is not problem, I used to heat with it. Though I’m not sure and kind of doubt I could convert my current propane stove to wood. It would be tricky.

We are in a passive solar house, so we can survive OK if our propane tank runs out. We are thinking of replacing it with a 1000 gallon instead of a 500 gallon. But mostly for other reasons.

I have guns (all inherited) but all lever action, shotguns and a couple of handguns. Against an AR or AK, I would have to be lucky.

Loosing electricity would suck. So a generator would be good. All my TV and internet comes through satellite dishes (3 of them) if I could power them and the Satellite ground stations don’t go dark, I may be able to get news.

Food will be a big issue though. I’m only good for a few weeks.

My neighbor and friends down the road are the same as I and my Wife are. DINKS and left leaning moderate.

We are in better shape than many.

I live in New England and quite frankly I’d be thrilled if we seceded from the rest of the U.S.

We’re generally not secessionist favoring here on this board for obvious reasons but the two new nations of Atlantica and Pacifica would have means and motive to form viable countries with modern governance systems. Whether current political leaders are capable of maximizing that opportunity is questionable.

I say we nuke the entire country from orbit.

It’s the only way to be sure.