Is anyone seriously preparing for the end of America right now?

As I mentioned in another thread, an acquaintance of mine is seriously making major life choices and changes based on the fear of a violent civil war breaking out after the election.

This got me thinking: there’s a lot of gallows humor, and genuine concern, over the state of American civilization right now. Are you, or anyone you know, making serious preparations in anticipation of a solid possibility of such a thing happening, whether because of coronavirus or Trump or whatever? I mean, I worry, but at the same time, I’m not asking my employer what they’re planning to do in case of the breakdown of political stability; I think I’d sound like a nutjob, so obviously I can’t be taking the possibility TOO seriously right now. I’m wondering who is, what they’re doing, and how close any of you are to doing the same.

But, post must be longer than 5 characters, so I’ll repeat: No.

It’ll be bad but America has been through worse. However a lot of people on the left are buying guns just in case shit gets really bad.

No. Where do you live that people think like that?

Even I I was worried about it, what would I do? I don’t think having some extra cans of beans will help me if an actual civil war breaks out.

As bad as things are, we aren’t even remotely near the end of America.

There will probably be an America in some form for the foreseeable future, but it will almost certainly weaken and eventually change shape over time, which is what happens to hegemonic powers eventually. Our future is likely one of climate disaster, sudden mass migration, economic scarcity, and political turmoil. The solution will to these problems will probably come in the form of warfare and secession. That day is probably approaching faster than we are prepared to accept.

Yes, there will be an “America,” but it certainly won’t be the same “America” that we think of today. There will be other places around the world with more power and more economic opportunity. Some with more freedom and opportunities to pursue happiness, and some with less. Some with a higher standard of living, some with a lower one.

You’ll all feel like a right bunch of silly twats when Trump declares victory with 37% support and re-brands Florida as the independent state of MAGALand.

Secession would last like 12 hours.

If Biden wins and dems have both houses, I hope some fucknut state tries it.

Don’t bother trying to reunite, just occupy. You’re not a state anymore, you’re a territory. No reps, no electoral college votes. Congress decides what parts of the Constitution apply to y’all.

I’ve looked, here and there and only casually, not particularly seriously, at the cost of living, immigration requirements, etc. in a few foreign countries. But I haven’t started making phone calls to immigration, talked to landlords about deposits, etc. Rather, I’ve just looked in a casual, “I’ll be damned, I can live reasonably comfortably in Costa Rica on $1k US per month.”

By the way, I have very weak Google Fu, so this may be simpler than I’ve made it out to be, but I’ve had a devil of a time finding rentals in Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador that aren’t geared for tourists or people there on business for long periods of time. I want to know how much it costs to live where actual Mexicans and Costa Ricans live, not where they send the tourists.

I first read this as “extra cans of beers” and I was going to disagree.

This. I am worried that America as we know it will end. We’ve already fallen off the tier of most free nations, and if we fall to the “only so so free” rather than “pretty free” due to sham elections or a successful hijacking of power by the executive, America might still exist but it may as well not.

But what am I going to do? At the point where I have to make a decision to move somewhere I don’t know the language or have relatives in, everyone else will be trying to leave, so even the places that are open today would be overwhelmed with semi-refugees, the economy will likely be worse in America so it might not be affordable, and there might also be capital thefts extorted in order to leave (although I do not know about that one, because they might be okay with people who are unsatisfied leaving. But that possibility combined with the basic economic uncertainty makes for a huge level of monetary uncertainty.)

A blue state, actually. They’re everywhere.

Plus, there’s enough people out there who seem to genuinely be wondering about the survival of the country and the human race that I wanted to get a pulse on how much of it was hyperbole and anxiety and how much was actual, serious belief that translated into action.

I think we all better face the reality of armed conflict in the US.

It won’t be states succeeding this time. It’ll be like Central America where guerilla groups randomly attack. We’ll probably see radical elements from the Right and Left killing each other.

The rest of us will be trapped in the middle of the conflict.

Look at Portland. The radical left are already building IED’s and other weapons. Eventually some crazy group from the Right will attack them. Extremists are always dangerous.

How does one actually “prepare” for something like that?

Move your family to a safer area. Like the heartland of the country.

I wouldn’t stay in California or Washington State right now. The radical Left is unpredictable.

I’m worried about some areas in Arkansas. There are some Right wing groups in certain areas. They’ve operated here since the 1970’s.

As a resident of Washington State, I can’t even imagine worrying about the “radical left.”

I read the article. Surprisingly, I don’t see the words “Radical left” anywhere in it.

Seattle Washington vhas seen some trouble this summer. But it’s not quite as bad as Portland Oregon.

I’m not ragging on the Northwest. My own state has me worried too. Any extremist group is dangerous. Doesn’t matter if it’s from the Left or Right.

Political differences should be addressed at the ballot box. Not with violence

“Radical Left” contains the letters I, E & D.