How does one pronounce the name "Siân"?

After putting it off for several years, I finally went out and bought the full 13-part Masterpiece Theater production of I, Claudius on DVD. And I’m loving every decadant, disgusting minute of it. Even if I am having to draw extensive family trees in order to help my friends keep all of the characters straight. But one question I couldn’t answer was how to pronounce the name of the actress who plays the ultimate cold-blooded she-bitch, Livia – Siân Phillips.

Anybody got a basic grasp of Welsh?

Well I’m Welsh and I could verbally say it to you but on paper the best I can do is:
Shan with the “a” slightly drawn out.

I’m not Welsh but I’d say it was somewhere in between ‘Sharn’ and ‘Shahn’. In fact, the way Americans pronounce the male name ‘Sean’ always sounds like the Welsh female name ‘Sian’ to me.

I know a Welsh woman named Sian. She pronounces it the way most Americans pronounce the names Sean or Shawn.

Once again the Dope comes through.

Thanks for your contributions!

Here I’ve mostly heard it pronounced to rhyme with “barn”.