How Does One Select Different Passages on the Same Web to Print on One Page??

When I’m in Internet Explorer, I sometimes come across a page in which I would like to highlight only certain paragraphs for printing on a single sheet! I know how to highlight a certain section of a page for printing, but I don’t know how to select multiple sections of that page/article to print on a SINGLE sheet!!
It seems that I can only select and print ALL the “filler” material between the sections I want, or I just end up having to print the WHOLE article!
Is there a work-around to this problem??

Thanks in advance!!

Copy and paste into another app, one piece at a time, then print from there. Alternatively, c&p all the text and edit out what you don’t want. Unfortunately, most apps don’t do multiple selections the way Windows Explorer does with the file list.

I just open a WORD document and paste what I want to print. I find that the easiest way and the best whay to know what you are going to get.

To RJK and Sailor:

Thanks for your input! I figured that was the only way, but being lazy, I was hoping someone knew of a “trick” that would enable one to avoid having to do the extra work!

Makes you wonder why someone from MS hasn’t figured out a way of doing it while in the browser program! I mean…it makes sense in terms of saving ink ($$), paper ($$), and time ($$) !! :wink:

Thanks again…