How do I get the right pages to print off the web

I know there must be some easy way to do this, but I can’t figure out how. Sometimes I want to print about one page’s material off of a website, but I can’t figure out how to make it display which page I’m on. It gives me the option to print a range of pages, but I have no idea which chunk of webpage constitutes “page 6”, e.g.

Nor can I figure out how to make it tell me how many pages there are, if you print the whole thing out (which I don’t usually want to do, since usually there are about twice as many as I would think).

I’ve tried this on Macintosh using Netscape, on a PC using Netscape, and on a PC using Explorer. I bet there’s an easy way to do it, but I can’t figure it out.

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I hate that too.

I just try to guess. If you are using 8&1/2" x 11" you can make a good stab at it (remember the margins though ;)).

The ONLY good thing about Internet Explorer is the ability to print a section.

Simply highlight what you want printed on the page, hit print (not the icon, but from the pull-down menu), click the spot that says “Print Section” (as opposed to page or whole document) and voila!

This works on IE 5.0 for me at home on Windows 98 and at the office on Windows 95.

Maybe this helps?

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Netscape 4.6 has a print preview feature. That is pretty useful in finding a specific page number.

Thank you, Satan! Please don’t quote that out of context around any Christian I want to cut business deals with! I just noticed that feature.

You guys are great. I bet this will help. I’ll be checking my Netscape version as well…

Netscape 4.7 has a print preview command in the File menu. It works just like the print preview on Word. Piece of cake.

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