How does one stop being a bitch

I finally got pushed to the edge by the house guests from hell.

When they got me a complaint on my job because of the barking dogs, and their dog attacked my dog (again), well I finally snapped.

I was doing every thing I could to keep the peace, to the point that I was staying in my room for 20 hours a day, only coming out to use the bathroom, get something to eat, or go out.

So I finally decided that if they were going to fuck with me and my job, well I hope he doesn’t need sleep to do his job because he isn’t going to get any here.
One of the things my sister said when she got here was that she wanted to break up my mother and her bf. Well I found out from someone else one of her plans also is to drive me out.
So I put on my 2 year old diaper pants and I started slamming doors, and making noise and teasing my dog with treats at 2am to get him to bark. I slammed cabinets doors, rattled ice cube trays, banged pots and pans, and when the two of them went out I locked the storm door behind them so they couldn’t get back in until somebody who cared enough to let them in heard them banging. It sure as hell wasn’t going to be me. I made snide remarks, criticized everything they did.

I did back to them every damn thing they have done to me over the last 10 months.

They folded in under 24 hours. Too bad because I was just getting started.

So the truce lasted about a week, and my sister started her shit again. I knew she would, she’s just a miserable bitch who looks for shit to start. It started because her one of her dogs got sick and she started screaming at me that I did something to her dog to make her sick. How in the hell I can give a dog a cough??? She got right in my face, I thought she was going to hit me. Then she threatened to kill my dog in retaliation. I finally realized she is a lunatic, I think she really is mentally ill. Her asshole husband actually believes her, that I did something to their dog.

That did it though. I’m tired of her fucking lunacy and her goddamn husband who has put me down over and over and actually believes the lies that come out of her mouth. He thinks he is so smart because he has two degrees and makes 6 figures, and constantly tells me I am a loser and need a shrink because 1 I didn’t finish college 2 I don’t make 6 figures and 3 because I’m not married.

I really lost it.
Everybody in the house and probably the neighbors too got an earful of what I think of them, and how sick I am of them, and well let’s just say I was very very very nasty. I said he wasn’t a man, and that maybe if somebody gave him some little blue pills my sister wouldn’t be such a bitch. I mean that level of nasty. My mother kept asking me to stop, she kept telling me to stop, and I couldn’t. Ten months of pent up anger at his insults and her bullshit, well I was hoarse when I was done.

The problem is, I’m not done.
It just keeps coming out, big ways and little ways it is all coming out. Like I have no control over it anymore.

And I don’t like being out of control, and I really don’t know how to stop.
This behavior is beneath me and I know it.

I’m thinking about going to stay with a friend for a while, but I would have to leave my son and dog behind.

I had found a place again to leave and my mother keeps asking me to stay. I think she is worried if I leave my sister and her husband will take over. She says she wants them out, but she doesn’t throw them out. Now she says the four of us should move out and let my sister and bil stay here. I know they want me out because they want the house.

Nevermind I need to do what’s right for me and my kid.

Apartment hunting it is.

I’m sorry, I’m just rambling, there’s nothing anybody can do anyway.

Good lord. The saddest part about this is there’s apparently a kid witnessing all of this. It really sounds like it’s gone too far. I think you know this, and you know that you need to leave. Regardless of who’s right, what’s fair, etc., you just need to get out, especially since you admit that you can’t stop. If, for some reason, you can’t get yourself out, I hope that you would at least get your son out- like find a place for him to go while this is all going on. It sounds like a pretty scary situation for a kid to be in.

Yes, “she” certainly sounds mentally ill alright…

Why the hell is someone who makes 6 figures living with you and your mom rather than on his own?

Possibly because then he has six figures to spend on other things besides housing.

If that’s the case, he should consider spending it on some self-respect.

No offense but you all sound mentally ill and there is a kid (are kids?) hanging around the house who, regardless of your problems, shouldn’t be dealing with this.

Agreed. “It’s lunatics all the way down!”

:eek: Which one is the OP asking about? The sister, her mom, herself? Hard to tell,

Whose house is it?

It seems to be the mother’s house, and she’s letting her kids and their kids and/or SOs live there.

Then my advice is to pack up the rugrat and the dog, and get the hell outa Dodge.

You need to get yourself and your son (and your dog) out of this toxic situation. I seem to remember from an earlier thread that you are living with your mother at her request because she wanted you around as she got older and then your sister and her husband moved in for what was supposed to be a short time, right? And then they overstayed that time but your mother wouldn’t confront them about that or their behavior towards you?

That’s on your mother. It’s her house and her family, and if she chooses to be nonconfrontational in the face of unacceptable behavior, that’s her choice. Yours is to define the limits of what you’ll put up with, and when you reach that point, do something to change it. You can’t get rid of your sister from your mother’s home; only your mother can do that, and she is choosing not to. All you can do is leave.

You have to take care of yourself and your own, and that means getting out as soon as you can. Screw the walking on eggshells and letting yourself be pulled down to a base level. Choose sanity. Choose the high road.

Good luck!


Are you speaking literally? Like you actually put on diaper pants (whatever those are)? Or are you saying you decided to act like a two-year-old?

Personally, someone needs to call the state and have them verify that there is no elder abuse going on there as well.

Why would someone making six figures (or their wife) live in those conditions?

Maybe that’s six figures including the cents…

The latter, I assumed. The opposite of putting on one’s proverbial “big girl pants.”

To the OP: Your mom is the only one who can fix this, and she’s devoted enough to being a doormat - and to just wanting to make your sister happy - that she wants to let sis stay in the house and move out. Oh, and she still wants you around to care for her.

My advice is to move out and not into some place where your mom can come with. She’d probably give your sister a key to the new place if your sister wanted it.

It’s the one a couple doors down where the people are screaming at each other all the time. Every neighborhood has one.

I assumed he was the producer of whatever reality show they are filming.

Dear God, how I wish that were only a joke.

Yep that is the situation.

When my mother gets back from this trip I am going to sit her down and tell her that what she wants is an impossible situation and it needs to be dealt with. She can’t have it both ways.
She has in her own way tried to handle it, but mostly she avoids it. She says she doesn’t want them here but … I understand while she can throw them out it’s going to be like she is choosing me over them and that will not go over well.
I’m looking for a new place now and I’m not going to let her talk me into staying again.
My main issue now though is my out of control anger.
I don’t know how to turn it off.