How does one try out bluetooth earpieces?

If this is a silly question, I apologize in advance… I need to get a bluetooth earpiece for my iPhone, but have never worn or tried one out…

Do they “fit” differently? I cannot imagine having “display models” for the public to try out, and I can’t imagine people sharing theirs to let you stick it in your ear.

So, how did you buy yours, or how do you recommend I buy one?

I had the same dilemma.

I find the reviews on to be the most detailed you’ll find. And they do give plenty of negative reviews, so I don’t believe they’re overly biased.

That being said, based on the largely positive view of the sleek (and expensive!) Jawbone Prime, I bought it. It’s beautiful, but I don’t think its sound quality is anything special.

If you’ve never had a Bluetooth headset before, you won’t even know if you like the idea of using one, without using one.

I would say to buy the most inexpensive one you can find, from a store that has a liberal return policy. If you end up happy with it, great. If you hate it, return it. If you like the idea of using it but you’re dissatisfied with the quality, return it and spend more for something better.

In the car-audio department at Wal Mart, there are three Bluetooth headsets that look to be pretty much the same, for $20.00 each. (The headsets in the cell phone department are pricier; only the car audio department has the $20.00 price level.)

I have no experience with those $20.00 headests, so I can’t say much as to their quality. But it might be worth that small investment just to at least try one out and see if you like it.

I have found that the difference between a cheap shitty bluetooth and a good one is not how they sound to you, but rather how they sound to the person you are calling.
I have several Bluetooth units (blueteeth?) When I use a cheap one the people I call complain about not being able to understand me. When I use my Jawbone or my Altec (headphones that also work for phone calls) nobody complains.
As always YMMV, but I am on the cell a ridiculous amount of time for work when I am out in the shop and being able to have both hands free is a big plus for me. I find that there is a difference and I like how the Jawbone works.

also do you need this with your computer as well. Plantronics has a great one that synchs with your pc (so you can make calls through the PC and something like Office Communicator or MSN and simultaneously is also linked to a second device like your mobile phone). It’s about $100 but I think worth it.

I had 4-5 blueteeth in the past and never used them for long. I use the plantronics like crazy as has this dual pairing function. Also its really comfy.

Once you have a few on the shortlist, just buy them and try them. Nobody cares if you return them—they will go back to the factory to be hopefully cleaned and repackaged. It isn’t like you are returning a big-screen TV the day after the Superbowl.

I had two versions of the Jawbone for a short while, and though it didn’t feel any better than others (it always felt like it might fall out), the sound quality for the listener was far better than with other headsets.
One evening I was driving and listening to rock-and-roll, and my wife called. I asked her if she could hear the (loud) music, and she said she couldn’t. That is what the Jawbone does for you.

One thing to consider (if you have uber $$$$ to spare): look into a factory BT set for your car, especially if you are in the process of buying a new car for other reasons. I recently bought a new VW, with built-in BT. You have no idea how convenient it is that I simply sit in my car and start it up, and the green BT light comes on.

Even if the music is pounding, when a call comes in everything goes on mute and I hear the ringing through the stereo. I press a button on the steering wheel to answer and disconnect. The convenience is unbelievable.

Most bluetooth earpieces will also contain multiple sized ear pieces that you can swap to get the best fit inside your ear.