How does school work for juveniles in long term prison?

The Slenderman suspects were arrested at 12 and aren’t going anywhere for a while no matter what happens, so how does school work in those cases?

Is there something like a high school at juvie? Is it run by the local school district, or the staff at juvie? Will their diplomas say something like “Waukesha High School” like everyone else, or “Waukesha County Juvenile Detention School”? Or will they need to study for a GED?

From what I understand, it varies from almost nothing, like kids are put in a room with some books, to full out classes. Because of the various problems that come along with kids in custody I doubt even the full schooling system is very effective. One teacher in that environment I talked to said it was pointless, they couldn’t give the kids pens or pencils because they’d stab each other. He would put on the TV and they’d watch that and stay out of trouble.

In Kansas, the state juvenile correctional facilities each operate their own fully accredited school. For example, at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex in Topeka, the school is operated under a contract with an educational service cooperative; the Larned Juvenile Correctional Complex school is run by the local school district under contract.

At KJCC, the diploma will say “Lawrence Gardner High School”; at Larned, it’s “Westside High School.” Those schools exist solely for the juvenile inmates, but if you don’t recognize the names, you wouldn’t know that from the diplomas.

Some of the juveniles are past 18 (the state can hold them to age 22 1/2 if they were adjudicated as juvies), so the facilities also have GED programs, and Larned also offers college credits through the local community college.

In Santa Clara county California it is run by the Santa Clara County Office of Education. And I believe that is what the diploma will say.

That sounds like alternative high schools I’ve heard about. The one in my old town did not take attendance or have any kind of lesson plans, and was little more than a legally mandated warehouse “to keep kids in school.” One thing that never changed among the people who worked there is that they believed that all incoming students be sterilized on admission. :eek: Conversely, the one in the city where I live now has stricter rules than the regular schools, basically so kids won’t want to go there.

The level of security the kids are in would be a big influence too.

I see what your teacher friend did there.

Just the thing: A school called “Larned”. Show your diploma and they’ll ask what you larnt there.