How Does the Number of Violent Teenage Criminals Compare to Teenage Pregnancies?

Knorf’s comment in this thread

got me to wondering about this. Are the numbers similar? Which puts the greater economic burden on society? Is there a correlation between the numbers? (i.e. Is a teenager convicted of a violent crime more likely to have children than a teenager not convicted of a violent crime?)

According to the Kids Count Data Book (the closest thing I’ve seen to a trustworthy national count) the rate of juvenile offenders in juvenile facilities (no convicted as adults) is 303 per 100,000.

The rate of pregnancies among girls 19 and under is 132 per 1,000.

So, about 3% young thugs, 13.2% pregnant teens.

3.03% is 303 per 10,000 - not 100,000. That’d be 0.3% (approximately.)

Zeroes were never my strong suit. Apologies.