how does this page look?

I’m just getting into creating web pages and this one is just a practice on a free server. The company is real but I hope to make it look a little more professional.

Where I wasn’t able to get the correct information I just made things up so don’t worry too much about the content.


…here’s the site btw, duh! :smack:

My first comment was going to be you needed to do a better job on publicity but then I saw your second post.

Okay, going through, some thoughts and observations:

The overall look is good. I like the balance of text and graphics. Nothing too overwhelming but not too bland either.

The phone number is a little confusing. It took me a second to recognize it as a phone number. You’d probably be better off using more traditional punctuation like parnetheses and dashs rather than periods.

The first divider line if not centered.

I assume the mirror text is just filler and will be replaced.

The writing is a little run-on. You might try breaking some of your longer sentences up.

There’s a couple of spots where you typed double spacing.

The side panel looks like it should be links. I tried clicking some of the pictures before relaizing they didn’t do anything.

But as I said above, it looks good overall. Nothing more than a few minor tweaks needed.