How does Warren Beatty rank as an actor in the acting pantheon?

How does Warren Beatty rank as an actor in the pantheon of actors?

As Hottie McHotstuff? WAAAAY up there.

As an actor, he’s decent in the right role, but he’s not very versatile.

He’s the piss boy amidst the Hollywood pantheon.

For someone who’s regarded as an A-List actor, I was surprised to see how few films he’s been in over the years. Thought I haven’t seen them all, the only movie on his list that I thought was worth a shit was McCabe and Mrs. Miller.

Bonnie and Clyde also had its moments. :rolleyes:

Check out the 1959 Pic his agent uses in IDMB :rolleyes:

I like Beatty. From Bonnie and Clyde on he has been in 15 films and has been nominated as Best Actor 4 times. Or, over 25% of the time he stars in a film he gets a nomination – that is a pretty impressive batting average, in fact I would be hard pressed to think of an actor that can say the same. Of course, what keeps him from being the leading actor of the generatation is that he has also starred in Ishtar and Dick Tracey during that period. :eek:

I am also impressed by his versatility - besides his 4 acting nominations he has 4 Academy Writing Nominations and 3 nominations for Director (The only Oscar he ever won was for Directing Reds which he wrote and produced and which produced multiple Oscar nominations and some wins for many others).

I think Reds was his best work, although it has not held up as well as B&C & I think it may continue to erode in esteem. I personally liked Bugsy and was appreciative toward what Bulworth tried to do, but don’t mistake either for GREAT ART.

Pantheon? One of the Top 10 Actors of the 60-70-80-90’s.