How does your Permanent Record look?

“I want you to know this will go on your Permanent Record[sup]®[/sup].”

So whaddaya got: Suspensions? Memos? Wrist slaps? Not asking about criminal records–stuff can get old and fall off of those, or get sealed, or be expunged. Hardly permanent. No, I’m talking about life-destroying actions you’ve been busted for by someone important like a school vice-principal or a nun, who can then indicate somewhere on your Permanent Record[sup]®[/sup] that you are constitutionally and morally sub-par and deserving of a lifetime of shame and maltreatment. I would gladly share what is on mine, but I’m having trouble knowing just how to access my Permanent Record[sup]®[/sup]. Perhaps The Authorities know? Best guess: I think I got a mod warning a long time ago, and that time in grade school when I punched a bully girl on the nose.

Pretty sure my atheism is permanently recorded somewhere within the bowels of the Mormon church.

It’s the only possible reason for the fact they stopped sending people to talk to me, given that my dad was a goddamn attendance clerk and has specifically informed me that he made sure they were aware of my current location. The visits stopped when I cheerfully told the ‘home teachers’ that I’d be happy to chat with them all day, but there was no point in bringing up religious subjects and there never would be, since I’d heard it all and it never took.

I’ll have you know my Record is/was perfect. I have no shame.:wink:

I just now got my first “Warning”. Pretty sure it was a set up for this thread.

If I have a permanent record with the (UK) Labour Party, it probably includes the time I got rung up by a recruiter who wanted to know why I had left the party, and I told him “Because Blair is a twat”. (Aside: what would I give to have him back now? Lordy, how times change).

Back to the recruiter, who in response said: “I’m sorry?” Meaning, in the UK, could you repeat that for me? So I did. And he said: “Is there anything a bit more, er, political? Something I can put on my form?”

So: we know he had a form. I have to confess, I wasn’t thinking permanent record at the time. How much trouble do we think I’m in?


Ok, I thought of another thing. I once brought cigarette loads–the good ones that could knock the cherry off a lit smoke–to school. Completely legitimate school business found me and a couple friends in the teacher’s lounge, where some careless teacher had left a pack of cigarettes on the table. Without hesitation or malice, I loaded a cigarette and replaced it in the pack and continued on with whatever it was we were supposed to be doing. Couple hours later my German teacher came and very crossly pulled me out of another class and hauled me down to the teacher’s lounge where, after speaking for about 45 minutes with her, the vice-principal, and a very pissed off looking English teacher, I was deemed worthy of having a note attached to my Permanent Record[sup]®[/sup]


I got a card from the Democratic Party advising me that while how I voted was a private matter, whether I voted was a matter of Public Record, and unnamed people would know if I failed to vote in an upcoming special election. :eek::smack:

I hear that the Republican Party also pulls this crap at election time.

My entire academic career was completely free of either academic or disciplinary problems. In fact, I’m sure I qualify for the title, “Goody Two-Shoes”. Since graduation, my work record is exemplary.

In fact, the only place I’ve ever gotten in trouble is here. LOL

I’s plead the fiz-ith!

I read a long time ago about my high school’s record policy: After a few years, everything got dumped except whether a person graduated or not. And I suspect their records on even that are spotty.

I doubt that there’s any official record from the grade school I graduated from at all. Never mind the school I went to for first grade which then closed down.

For college and grad school I can get a basic transcript for a couple bucks. In addition to grades they list a few other things like what HS I went to, etc.

So, whatever else they once had on me, it’s as if it never existed. (Do Robert Duvall Reno hand wipe move.)


Nope, you got me there. Means?


Bush 2?

I never got in trouble in school.

I was quiet and didn’t bother anyone. I hated high school so much. I had my group of friends, and they were cool, but going to class and listening to those idiots (the teachers) all day. Ughh. I’m so glad that’s over.

Yeah, I got a notice telling me how often I have and haven’t voted for the past several years. It was a bit offputting, honestly, and pointless - the kind of person who would care about such a rating would already have a 100%.

Beck got it. Word = slang for gospel; general agreement with an antecedent. W is the vernacular reference to George W Bush, pres #43. Widely despised during his tenure, but if we had a choice, right now, today…

Terrific! I haven’t done any real time in jail or been elected to political office. Anything that doesn’t get me either one can be explained away or forgiven.

I went to four different elementary schools. All of them closed decades ago. The place where my high school was is now a supermarket.

All my permanent records are gone. SUCK IT, LOSERS! HAHAHAHAHAHA

My first semester in college, I had a .34 GPA. Yes, you read that correctly. I got a B in ROTC, a D in graphics, and failed everything else.

I’ve got a couple of mod warnings here.

Other than that, I’m pretty squeaky clean for having been around for 70+ years.

I am trying remember why I hated Dubya so bad. I think it had to do with the fact he stole the election from Gore, or maybe cause he was just so dumb. Yes that’s it.
Laura was nice. I like all librarians to a fault, though.:slight_smile:

Doing fake jail time is an odd choice. :slight_smile: