How easy and cheap is it to get tix to New Orleans Saints games?

I’m going to be in New Orleans for a wedding on Dec. 1. I took a look at the Saints’ schedule yesterday, and discovered they play Carolina in the Superdome on Dec. 2. As luck would have it, the groom’s family is from North Carolina.

I’m not sure if there are any wedding-related activities on Sunday (brunch, get-together, planned tour, etc) so I don’t want to buy tickets ahead of time and end up not being able to use them. It’s most likely going to end up being a last-minute decision amongst interested guests.

What are my odds of getting tickets the day of the game? Also, what price should I expect to pay? With the Saints doing better recently, should I expect to pay full price or more, or because of the size of the Dome/lack of a sellout/lack of a quality opponent will I be able to get cheap tickets a few minutes before kickoff from people just trying to unload extras at any cost? Thanks in advance.

This probably doesn’t help much, but you could try calling the Saints ticket office at (504) 731-1700. They could probably give you a pretty good idea of game-day availability and pricing. Unless you wanted to go to a scalper. In which case I can’t help you on prices. But I would assume tickets would be always available.

As a New Orleans native & Saints fan, I think I can help you here, Hokienautic.

(Saints inside reference: is that “Hokie” as in former LSU and Saints FB Hokie Gajan?)

Ticket Prices:

Seating Chart:

You’re almost certainly going to be getting upper-level seats (AKA terrace seats). Single-game price for these are $53 for sideline seats, $48 for endzone seats. Despie being in the highest level, these actually all are decent seats, excepting certain terrace endzone seats in which the near endzone is partially obscured.

Sometimes, the Saints ticket office offers various special deals on their terrace seats. You’ll have to call for information.

With the Saints suffering a tough home loss to the Jets, casual fans will proably stay away for a while. You may be able to get Carolina tickets from the ticket office on game day. If you have to resort to scalpers, I’m inclined to doubt you’d have to pay much more than face value. Don’t expect fire-sale prices from scalpers, though.

Thanks for the information. And no, it’s Hokie as in the Virginia Tech Hokies. My “fire sale” question was because I’ve seen tickets being sold for extremely cheap prices at some of the more undesireable games in Blacksburg, and I didn’t know if the same held true at NFL games. For a noon game against one of our (sadly often) cupcakes, I’ve seen tickets go for $5. Similarly, I’ve seen people at Orioles games this year GIVING away tickets.

I was hoping to not have to pay in the $50 range for seats, but oh well. I might plan on not going to the game, but loiter around the Dome 1230ish to see what people are asking for tickets, just in case I can get in cheap. Thanks again for the info.