How exactly did Bruce Lee die?

This is one topic of controversy that should really get the ball rolling quick :slight_smile:

Over the years, I have heard many stories that all tried to explain the mysterious death behind this Martial Arts legend. Here are some of the them…

  • He was killed by something called "Dim Mak’ or “The Death Touch”. This is a special art known only to a few that was perfected by Ninja’s centuries ago, and secretely passed on throughout the Martial Arts world clean up to today

  • He was on Drugs and died from an allergic reaction to Hasish (if that was spelled right)

  • He died from something called “Cerebrial Edeama”. This is a cerribrual Hemmorage where the brain swells up larger than his skulls capacity will allow it to expand

  • He was shot dead by the Chinese Mafia for revealing Gung- Fu to the west

  • He was poisoned by a Chinese prostitute for marrying an foreign American woman

  • He faked his own death is now running a string of Dry Cleaners in the Phillipines

  • He was kidnapped by China and is being forced to train Chinese soldiers on how to fight hand to hand

  • He is stll alive in America and was seen working in Las Vegas with Elvis

Tell us, What are some of the explanations you have heard? Anyone out there think they really know how he died or what actually happened to him? :eek:

I had heard Lee died from a blow by a mechanical Tai-Chi-Kwan dummy which was designed to hit back.

sidenote…Reeder…The “S” in Harry S Truman has no period.

By most accounts, he died of cerebral edema, brought on by an allergic reaction to a painkiller he took. Equagesic I believe.

Ninja are Japanese. Dim Muk is Cantonese (Tsien Shueh in Mandarin, IIRC).

There were traces of THC found in his system, again IIRC. He had had a previous epileptiform seizure, and recovered. I believe he told the physician in that case that he occasionally chewed cannabis leaf. I don’t know how common this is as a way to use marijuana in the Far East.

It’s “hashish”, incidentally.

Yes, that was the finding at autopsy.

No. No gunshot wounds were found.

Again, IIRC he was taken ill at the apartment of a woman other than his wife. His wife is on record that, if Bruce was having or had had an affair, she knew nothing about it. Why would a prostitute care two beans about what race he married? They had been married for years and had two children together by the time of his death - why the delay?

I see no reason to doubt Saturnine’s description of the circumstances of his death.

FWIW, I have never seen credible evidence of someone being able to bring about the “Delayed Death Touch” that rumors blame for his death, nor any reason to think that the martial arts establishment was upset by his teaching Westerners. He is primarily responsible for the boom in Chinese ch’uan-fa thru his movies, and brought a ton of money into the area - I would think they woul encourage him in the name of good business.

My two yuan worth.


Well, I’ll be goddamned.

Never knew Bruce Lee was at Camp Lejeune before opening that string of dry cleaning outlets in the Philippines.

This is why I only drink Beer and Pure Grain Alcohol, Mandrake.

The truth is out there… along with a lot of fiction: