How exactly does someone light a fart?

I did a quick search and didn’t find this topic posted anywhere. If it is, I apologize for the repost and kindly ask that someone point me to the right direction. Otherwise…onward!

I truly don’t mean for this to be gross - and I know gas/farts are flammable - what I want to know is how exactly one lights their fart? Do these people actually hold a flame up to their bottom and let fly? Do they fart into a bag? Couldn’t this be dangerous?

Has anyone done this or seen it done?


Arm yourself with lighter.
Lie on back.
Put your arms under your legs (knees in crooks of elbows).
Hold lighter near your ass.
Light flame.
Pat out your flaming ass.

(yes, I’ve seen it done, by a 10 year old.)

One of my gang in college was an habitual fart-lighter. On a regular basis a group of us would be standing around talking when yhere would be a sudden thump. Keith would be on the floor lighting a fart, exactly as Sue describes, and when done he would rise and continue whatever. It got to be quite routine. Perhaps he was just being courteous.

So was this kid wearing pants? Or do you need to yank 'em down first?

And no, I’m not going to try it - I’m just amazed that people actually do this.


Not a very wise practise.

I remember hearing of a guy doing it and somehow he inhaled when it was being done and the flame went back through his pants and burned the inside of his rectal cavity.


Another witness:

I had a roommate who used to do this by lying on his back with his legs up in the air. He’d hold a lit lighter down there and let rip. And yes, he wore pants.

It’s amazing what the younger generation is missing. I have witnessed this phenomenon in a high-school locker room, a college fraternity house, a college dormitory, and several army barracks. It seemed to be common knowledge among the guys I knew in those places. Also, let the record state that I was a Military Policeman and the level of discipline in many a MP barracks is somewhat lower than a high-school locker room, a college dorm, or even most fraternity houses. Maybe someday I’ll share the naked water slide story.

The supine “dying cockroach” position was the most commonly used, but I have witnessed horizontal flames from someone bent at the waist while standing. Lighter/match placement in this position is a bit trickier since it is harder to see what you’re doing.

As for the “inhaled” flame story, it’s bull. I’ve seen this stunt performed dozens of times and nothing like that even appears to be remotely possible. The flame is never in direct contact with the body (look closely at a gas flame on a stove to see what I mean). OTOH, I have seen direct evidence that hair surrounding the anus is at great risk, although it did’t really catch on fire, it just singed after repeated ignitions. (This guy insisted on dropping trou prior to each performance. After the singeing, he made a point of showing us the evidence of the anguish he’d suffered for the sake of his perfromance art.)

Note: For best effect, turn out the lights before ignition.

I forgot to mention the most entertaining fireworks observed. As the fart-lighter lies in the “dying cockroach” position and ignites the fart, on occasion the small fireball will wander around for quite a few inches up the leg towards the back of the knee. Tight jeans are probably needed to achieve this effect.

Query: I’ve seen e-mailed clips of people lighting their farts where they are emitting flamethrower-intense columns of fire high into the air. Assuming these aren’t doctored clips, what the HELL have these people been eating?

As an experienced fart lighter, I can help with this. Kidney beans and either Guinness or Bovril followed by Gatorade will usually do the trick. If you are in desparate need, cheese melted together with some cooking oil will help, but I wouldn’t advise that last one as it can get a bit messy.

I have to agree with Steph about the Guinness and Bovril, I also find that eating black or white pudding helps also.
And it isn’t at all dangerous except if you hold the lighter too long then you can get a burned finger. I was once involved in a fart lighting competition were marks were handed it out for the length of the flame and the depts of colour achieved (Blue/Red/Orange being the usual).

I can’t believe that there are any males ot there that haven’t participated in this glorious tradition.

I think it should be an olympic event.


You may remember from your lab at school that a bunsen burner’s flame is stopped by a stand with a wire screen on it. The same is true of a fart flame and the fabric of your pants. Don’t take 'em off if you don’t want your gluteal hairs singed.

Like THIS.

I’ve done this before.When iwas about 17 or so. Sitting around with some friends drinking beer.Tight pants are the trick.And always have some emergency water handy.One friend scorched himself pretty bad.But damn the fun you can have.

Okays guys, lots of us have done it but what I want to know is if any females out there have tried it? But then again, I can’t seem to recall any females farting except my wife who never farted until we were married.

Holy crap. I just looked at that link, C_Goat. I tried to look at it while at work - should have known better. I work for the government and it was blocked by our internet police.

That video made me laugh - wow, he really ripped one. Jesus, that was wild. More so with the screaming, “Ouch! OW OWWWW!!”


Thanks for the link!