How fake news can trip you up

… even when you’re alert for it. I saw this article on Snopes debunking a fake news story that CNN had doctored a photograph of Ft. Lauderdale shooting suspect Esteban Santiago to make him appear whiter.

All BS of course, but that isn’t where I tripped up. I read the first part of the article which showed the undoctored photo and the doctored one. I’ll spoiler the next bit to give you a chance to read the whole page unprepared, as I read it.

Now bear in mind that in the last couple of days I’ve seen a whole bunch of photos of Esteban Santiago so imagine my surprise when I scrolled down further to find that the guy in the photos was not Esteban Santiago the suspect at all but rather a sex offender of the same name. I completely fell for it. My brain told me that this was the guy I’d been seeing everywhere, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that it was the same guy but looking at the suspect’s mugshot you can see that they’re not really similar at all. I’d be interested to know if you guys misidentified the photos as I had or whether it’s just me who totally missed the substitution.

Why do you accuse CNN of fake news when the article clearly states that it was disreputable website that posted the photos and there is no evidence that CNN aired the photo in question?

Last night’s cable TV coverage of Santiago featured the correct pictures.

I’m not sure where you’ve seen the other ones but it would be good to know.

He’s not accusing CNN of showing fake news. There is fake news circulating (on Facebook, et al) stating that CNN doctored the photo. CNN did no such thing.

I read it your way first, but it is slightly ambiguous enough that I could see how it could seem that he is accusing CNN of fake news. After the second posts, I re-read it to be sure, but yeah, I am pretty sure you are right there.

Anyway, what does this sort of thing accomplish? Is it just stupid kids doing stupid? Or is it actually someone or someones with an agenda?

Also, who falls for these things these days? What benefit does one get from being so gullible as to fall for such obvious lies?

It will be cited in future lists of reasons why the Ft. Lauderdale shooting is a false flag.

Gateway Pundit and Prison Planet are right-wing blogs that have been around for awhile and AFAICT have fairly substantial followings.

The wingnuts are big on the notion that one can’t trust the MSM to tell the truth on even the most basic things. Spreading stories like this is part and parcel of a widespread effort to completely discredit the MSM in the eyes of their followers. I guess what the followers get out of it is a shared tribal identity and the belief that they’re aware of the con that the major networks and newspapers and whatnot are pulling on them.

Sadly, I think you got it.

One lesson to get here is to take note of the ones that are not correcting their Chinese wipers and posting it in their sites, places like InstaPundit and Prison Planet should go in the shit list.

You’re quite right. I wasn’t accusing CNN at all. Maybe I should have made it clearer but I thought the Snopes link explained everything quite satisfactorily.