How far can a US citizen go in supporting ISIS before you are arrested?

Where do free speech limits end in supporting ISIS?

Assuming you do not raise money for, or facilitate any transactions or delivery of goods and services for ISIS are the following permissible?

Blogging that you believe in their goals?
Telling young people it’s their moral duty to get to the front lines and fight for ISIS?
Holding a rally to show support for ISIS?
Holding ISIS supporter meetings in your house?

Where is the line drawn?

It’s a fascinating question for a law school discussion, because I’m sure the line is not as clear as we would like.

from Wikipedia:

Ideally, all four of those examples would be “speech” and therefore protected.

But you have to be careful. Suppose you made your views known, and someone, claiming to be inspired by what you said, did something horrible and material, like a shooting or a bombing. If the prosecutors can establish a link, you could suffer for it.

That’s how they got the white supremacist Tom Metzger. He was incautious in saying what people ought to go out and do. Someone actually went out and did it.

(Metzger still might have beaten the charge if he’d defended himself properly in court. Instead, he called the judge rude names and otherwise acted the fool. That made it easy for the jury to convict him.)

Short of supporting, financially or strategically, actual terrorist attacks, it should be legal.

Hopefully when the word ‘supporting’ is mentioned, in respect to any terrorist group, you’ll feel the long arm of the law quite quickly. I really cannot understand intelligent young people going out there to support ISIS, is there any logical reason why they’d choose to fly to Turkey and move to Syria and fight in that sandpit? To me it seems completely absurd; they could protest, write to congress or parliament, petition, vote, or voice their opinions via Youtube and Facebook. Going to a warzone and anonymously dying in a bloody battlefield just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Some smart young people are going out there to…do what ever they do. The Caliphate, their ideal existence, a Wahhabi World just isn’t possible, they’ve no possible chance of creating their dream-like lives. I don’t get how they can think they’ll succeed in any way, I’d appreciate some of them saying how they think we should live, but I don’t see any actually giving any public views other than burning pilots and beheading those they don’t agree with.