How far is Pittsburgh's sphere of influence?

I know you can get the *Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * at convenience stores in Western Maryland, and the Steelers radio network has affiliates in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and possibly New York. Is Eastern Ohio closer to Western Pa. or Ohio in culture. Also, as I said before, western Maryland seems to be culturally closer to Pittsburgh than Maryland.

Youngstown, Warren, and East Liverpool have strong Pittsburgh associations. (I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone from Steubenville.) A bit of the Southwest Pennsylvania accent has migrated to Akron and Canton. Whether Pittsburgh overwhelms the Cleveland influence in the first four locations or Wheeling, WV, I could not say, although Akron and Canton, aside from some manners of speech, are probably more influenced by Cleveland.

Fairmont, West Virginia, home of the Pepperoni Roll, is very close to Pittsburgh. The Monogahela River flows from Farimont to Pittsburgh.

Well, if you include hard-core Steelers fans, the influence would appear to extend across the entire country.

You’ve come to the right place to ask this question! I live near da 'burgh, went to college in Youngstown, and grew up roughly halfway between the two.

I think eastern Ohio is more like Ohio, culturally speaking. There is a mental divide based on that state line. Even though Youngstown is halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, people in Ytown identify more with Cleveland for things like concert attendance and air travel. People there honestly believe that Pittsburgh is much further away. Eastern Ohio has much more of a midwestern feel to it than western PA.

That said, they’re all part of the rust belt and have more in common than not.

People in Youngstown do not know what a gumband is.

What little time I’ve spent in western Maryland leads me to agree with you regarding its similarity to Pittsburgh. Eastern Ohio is different.

People from Youngstown speak with a Pittsburgh accent. Lots of people southeast and south of Cleveland speak with a WV accent (I’m looking at you, Akron and Streetsboro!)

I feel like Pittsburgh sort of “spills” over into the far eastern part of the state and WV “spills” in to the southeastern part. A lot of that has to do with jobs. My family, for example, is from Ford City PA (near-ish to Pittsburgh) but that was 2 generations ago and we’re all “Clevelandized” now (thank God :wink: )

I would agree that the folks from the boro are a little more, shall we say, rustic? Why is that?

It is not suprising to me that those from Y-town have a little of the burgh accent. Pittsburgh has always seemed to gravitate to the west. (I always thought Pittsburgh was a Mid-West city, while Philly is an Eastern city). This has a lot to do with the Allegheny mts.

Pretty much. Maybe it is bias, but I seriously have never seen a city more represented on the East Coast besides, say, NY. Even then, I’ve heard of a way lot more people being from Allegheny County than any other place ever. When I moved to Atlanta, a good 20% of the people where I worked were from Pittsburgh. It’s a weird thing.

Pgh is definitely dominant over west Maryland and WV. Once you hit Ohio, it’s all them though. It all depends on the dynamic you’re talking about though. WVU would have mass seizures if someone suggested they were like the University of Pittsburgh ((HAIL TO PITT!)) but pro-sportswise, all of WV that I’ve ever been to (that’s a lot) are Pgh fans.

BTW, whoever suggests that Pgh is eastern and associated w/ Philly has their head screwed on backwards.

Pittsburgh’s sphere of influence is rather extensive, IMO. My hometown, Jamestown, is probably right on the edge of it (we are 90 miles from the Point.) Our local hospital is a UPMC hospital, the “official” Sunday paper is the Post-Gazette, and my mother always watches KDKA TV2 news on the cable. However, we cannot get Pittsburgh radio this far north – even KDKA 1020 doesn’t come thru clear during the day – our local stations are located in Youngstown.

I went to college in Clarion, 90 miles south-east of Jamestown, and it definately was in the Pittsburgh sphere, again probably at the far edge. But there I could get all the Pittsburgh radio stations and the TV stations came in crystal clear (along with Johnstown - Altoona), but then again, we were in a much higher elevation. And although the Oil City Derrick was the official local paper, I read the Post - Gazette and the Press every day.

Now, back in Jamestown, step across the state line 3 miles away, and you are in the greater Cleveland area. Ashtabula County is part of the Cleveland DMA, and downtown Cleveland is less than 65 miles away. I can get some Cleveland FM radio in Jamestown.

Pymatuning Lake is probably a dividing “wall”, so to speak. The people who vacation on the west side are usually from Cleveland, and the ones on the east side are usually from Pittsburgh. The Allegheny mountains are probably the eastern wall separating greater Pittsburgh from Harrisburg.

I guess anywhere there is a UPMC hospital will be under Pittsburgh’s sphere of influence.

I grew up in Wheeling. It is culturally very similar to Pittsburgh and not at all like Cleveland. People go up to Pittsburgh all the time for shopping, concerts, sports, etc. Most of the “local” TV channels are from Pittsburgh. You only have to go to Moundsville (all of about 5 minutes drive down the road heading south from Wheeling) and the accent starts to change from a very Pittsburgh-ish accent to a more rural WV accent. It’s funny how quickly the accent changes there.

The people I’ve known in Steubenville have had much more of an Ohio culture, although Pittsburgh does have an influence there.

ETA: And I’m intentionally ignoring IntelSoldier’s “HAIL TO PITT”.

There’s a logical reason for that. When the mills shut down in the Pittsburgh area a lot of people spread out along the cost in search of work. A *huge * amount of people ended up in Atlanta and North Carolina.

They’re still migrating away - Pittsburgh is constantly trying to come up with (pathetic) schemes to convince young people to stick around.

This thread is making me homesick.

I’m from NE Ohio (Ravenna), and the Pittsburgh influence there is quite weak. We didn’t give a damn about the Steelers or the Pirates. It was the Browns and the suckass Indians. Carling Black Label and P.O.C. were the local beers. The paper of choice, outside of the Ravenna one, were the Akron Beacon Journal and the Cleveland Plain Dealer (with some getting the Press). When I went to college in Meadville, PA, about 85 miles to the northeast, the influence of Pittsburgh was huge. The Steelers and Pirates were the local teams, aside from the Meadville Tribune, the Gazette was the main paper. Iron City was considered kind of a local beer, although it was usually considered substandard compared to Rolling Rock.

Pittsburgh’s influence is only a remnant of what it once was. The traffic in iron ore and coal into the city dominated the industry of western PA and northern WV for a hundred years or so.

Youngstown is (well, was) a steel town, so the influence of Pittsburgh is not surprising. But I really don’t know all that much about the place. As to the West Virginia accent, there was a huge influx of West Virginians to northeast Ohio during WWII. A lot of them worked at the Ravenna Arsenal.

When the wind blows wrong, you can smell it in Northern Virginia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you meant to say it’s a good thing. Or better yet, “a 'burgh thing.”


They don’t call us America’s Most Livable City for nothing. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I find that I live right on the Eastern edge of the Burgh’s influence–State College, PA. I judge this based on the relatively even ratio of Steelers jerseys to Eagles jerseys. The next reasonable-sized location east (Harrisburg) is definite Eagles territory.

I do, however, hear an occasional “yinz” here. That’s probably the only Pittsburgh thing that makes me physically cringe.

Harrisburg? I was under the impression that counties as far east as Lancaster were predominantly Steelers fans. Hell, I only live about an hour outside of Philly and when I go to the Winner’s Circle Sports Bar and Grill in Exton it’s pretty evenly split between Steelers jerseys and Eagles jerseys.