How fast is TOO FAST?!

Now I’m sure all of you drive under the speed limit… :smiley: But if for some bizarre reason you feel the “need for speed” in your ride, how much would you want to accelerate that baby? :eek:
I don’t mean how much you have actually peaked in your car, but if you had all the NOS in the world, how fast would you go before you yell, "AAHHH!!! WHERE’S THE BRAKE?!"

Depends on the road and car.

Currently, I could go about 120km/h in my Nissan Pulsar on a typical gravel sealed road.

Given a nice empty motorway and a decent touring car (Ford Falcon/Holden Commadore/Mitsi Gallant) I could probably to 160-180km/h.

I freak out about 80. But I drive an 83 Corolla and the speedometer goes to…80.

I don’t feel comfortable going anything above 85mph on any public highway. If I had access to a racetrack, I could probably get up to 100mph or so before I’d start getting nervous.

In my new Matrix, I typically cruise at 140 km/h (about 90 mph) while in my mini-van anything over 165 caused the side folding mirrors to fold in, I typically cruised at 120 km/h in the van.

My bonneville was a great highway car and I normally travelled at 120 in that boat.

If there was no limits, if I wasn’t trying to save gas, I would feel safe and comfortable travelling at 180-200 km/h in my Matrix on a good highway. But I’m not brave enough about getting caught :smiley:

130, easy. My 01 mustang GT is pretty stable at those speeds. I cruise at 100 on LONG trips.

I’ve never driven so fast I was scared. I have driven so fast I was scared of losing my license. I try to keep it down to about 80 most of the time.

I would go 110 mph in my car, a Volvo S70, and I have gone 100mph (without even noticing). eek.

I would go faster in someone else’s car.

I’ve done over 120 plus a few times on the road. In a race car I have done 160. I currently own a car capable of 135 mph (my 66 GTO) but I don’t think I have ever had it over 75.

As had been said, depends on the road, weather, and the car.
The fastest I have gone is 163 MPH measured on the Nevada Highway Patrol’s radar*. I do recall thinking as we approached a curve that if we did not make the curve it was really going to hurt.

In a non race I have hit the speed limiter on my car a couple of times (152 MPH) and when in the middle of nowhere cruised at 135 for an hour or so.

*Not I was not arrested I was in a car race The Silver State Classic

Topped out my 305 camaro on the way back to the Twin Cities from Duluth about 50% of the way. 120 - 130ish? Dunno what the top speed actually was since the damn speedometer stops at 85. But it did spin around past 85 and went back up to 15.

Ya gotta like that, haven’t you? :smiley: Try doing THAT with a modern digital speedometer!

Personally, cars have never been my thing, in terms of high speed blasts. But I used to own a Suzuki GSXR-750 which went like a jet. Very fast bike. I only opened it up a few times, on very safe stretches of empty highway obviously.

In all honesty, I’d get up to 200+ kph and I think I’d last oh, 5 seconds, before I’d shit myself and back right off to doing the speed limit for the rest of the trip. It would still be winding on the speed before my bravery ran out. Thank goodness too, with hindsight.

I once got my considerable frame on a Ninja. The speedo maxed at what I remember looked like 160.

I pegged it for all of three seconds before the intense puckering set in.

All I remember seeing was a faint spot of road ahead that was not completely blurry, and prayed that the road crew filled in all the errant potholes.

I used to max out my Neon at 120, but was never out on an uninhabited-enough stretch of road that I wasnt then fast approaching the cars ahead of me. So I was scared due to approaching the other cars.

Back in the olden days before I left home I got a Chevette up to about 125 km/h on the 401 near Bowmanville. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound like much, but, hey, it was a Chevette.

Once, when I had my brown underpants on, I got up to 180km/h which is around 110mph.
It was scary.

in the uk where the speed limit is 70 mph on motorways … i generally sit about 80-85 mph …sometimes upto 100mph …in germany on an autoban ( no speedlimit in a hire car 325 BMW a sat quit comfortably at 140 mph for miles peaking at around 160 mph ( well thats what the speedo said

In an older car, 77 MGB GT, worked just a tad, i managed to get it to 210 km/h…down hill.

My ford falcon with a worked 351 had a top speed of about 190 but the diff ratio was high, suited to burnouts and quick takeoffs.

2002 lancer…219 km/h before valve bounce set in and the owner of the car shat herself.

my current car, Toyota landcruiser, 170 km/h prob has a bit more but at that speed it uses about 45 litres per 100km…expensive.

I’ve been up to 135mph before with a friend.

It gets kid of surreal, and scary.

Assuming I’m on a straight stretch of interstate highway, I’d be comfortable driving about 85-90 mph, which I know my Nissan Sentra can do. Anything over that and I get nervous for the sake of my own safety and the engine’s ability to maintain such a speed for so long. The only thing that makes me nervous about driving over 80 mph is getting nailed by a cop. Just once I’d like to see if I could take it up to 120, the maximum speed on the speedometer.