How Fucked is the Dem Party?

Should we start digging the grave for the Dem Party and have the embalmers on call and the head-stone makers in the wings?

Not at all and no.

Not nearly so much as the Republicans

IceQube, I really think you need to start trying harder. What do you really want people to discuss here?

As that assessment is based on public reaction to the ACA, I’d say, definitely not fucked. By November 2014 the ACA will be the most popular government program since Social Security, mainly because people with private insurance will see their premiums go down. (Of course, people with employment-linked insurance won’t even notice that.)

Well there are a lot people in the Democratic party, and chances are a large percentage of those people get it on from time to time, so as a whole, the party is probably pretty fucked.

Right, because you know better than real world experiences.

What happened to the Republicans?

They’re trying to bottom out with stupidity. Only problem is, they keep taking turns with the shovel.

What do you call that machine you run film through so you can display it on a screen?

Just a quick question here… just so we can judge their credibility, what’s the name of the person who wrote the email entitled “The Democrat Party is F’ed?”

  1. How fucked are libs.
  2. The points of the liberal political adviser’s column, which regard the ACA and insurance premiums.

That’s a damn good question, and one I wish I knew the answer to. They’re totally unrecognizable these days. Glad you agree!


Why do you personally believe they’re fucked?

Maybe you could take a minute to summarize them and explain why they translate to Democratic Party = fucked.

Oh, the American Stinker, you need to ignore it, otherwise the stupid from them can stick to you.

Exibit A: Birtherism:

So if Obama has lost people who’ve hated him from the beginning, he’s in serious trouble.

They shut down the government and now the people don’t like them.

Ron Fournier. LOL.

Also they lost the last two presidential elections, have blown some easy chances at the Senate, are dominated by a 20- or 30-person rump in the House, and are increasingly becoming a party of old white men based in rural areas and the South. Then they shut down the government and tried to cause a default. Other than that, they’re doing great.

There’s a good chance of a three way race for the president in 2016. I can’t imagine the Dems screwing up so bad that a Tea Party candidate gets elected, but enough problems may open the door for a non-TP Republican like Christie once the Tea Party disassociates from the GOP. But right now the Democratic party is concerned with the mid-terms, and every misstep hurts their chance of swinging the house.