How Fucked is the Dem Party?

I’d very much appreciate it if the OP would make some predictions for the 2016 election. That kind of thing is always entertaining.

No shit, right?

Another All-American, bullet-headed Saxon mother’s son…

I’d respect someone who invented the Fourier transformation.

I like it. “The Fournier Transformation.” But I think Dennis Miller invented it.

Wait, you’re citing AMERICAN THINKER??? (Not a link to American Thinker)

There is nothing of value or truth in that publication. Citing it in intelligent and civilized conversation is about as useful (and shameful) as flinging poo.

Dude… I live in Tampa. Can I visit you, because you’re obviously smoking the greatest shit known to man, and I would totally like some of that.

Never mind the dubious assumption that most people will see their premiums go down (seriously). What about the fact that a projected 40 - 67% of the currently privately insured will have their policies cancelled and forced into coverages which are both less comprehensive and more expensive?

Yeah! And what about the projection that Sarah Palin will ride a dinosaur into the RNC Convention, devouring all RINOS and restoring true glory to the party?!

Not appropriate for this forum.

You forgot the part about her hat.

What, you think the TP will split from the GOP and go third-party, or Ralph Nader will remind us he yet lives, or what?

Can’t say I’m familiar with that projection.

(I’m guessing it’s safe to assume your above quoted response as a “no comment” type of deal?)

It was a totally legitimate question.

No, I was gently poking fun at the notion that anyone has seriously projected that 40 - 67% of the currently privately insured will have their policies cancelled. I suspect you’re missing a word in that sentence or mis-remembering a statistic.

Why would any have their policies canceled? Is the ACA system going to somehow drive the health-insurance companies out of business?

Companies are canceling policies that do not satisfy the individual mandate, generally low-benefit policies that lost their grandfathered status because of (sometimes quite minor) changes.

So, told to stop effectively threadshitting, you not only continue, but you make a nonsense assertion that your the post for which you were admonished was “totally legitimate.”

This is a Warning to refrain from such behavior.

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Well, they have managed to alienate many of us economically right-leaning moderates with policies and rhetoric that a reasonable person might describe as “insane”.

Better still - the Republican candidate got fewer votes than the Democrat in five of the last six Presidential elections (1992, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012).

If the OP quotes a post quoting the national Journal, then I can quote a post from the National Journal.

That’s called political analysis. It’ll beat political email every time. The Democrats are not fucked. Why? Because they get to run against real world Republicans.

On his Wikipedia page, it says that Glenn Greenwald has criticized Fournier for behaving in a “petulant” manner.

Hooooleeey moley, if Glenn Greenwald thinks someone is petulant, I take notice!

Anyway, the Democratic Party isn’t that fucked. The 2014 elections will be decided one seat at a time, and the alternative right now seems to be the most unpopular political movement going, the Tea Party, versus the moribund faction of the Republican Party that’s actually sane.

So, the sane branch of the GOP is on life support, meaning people will have to choose between Obama’s party and the Tea Party. Does anyone living on the planet earth think that there’s going to be more Tea Partiers in Congress in 2015 than there is today? No way.