How hard is it to stuff jalapenos?

I got it in my head that jalapenos stuffed with boudin sausage, battered and then deep fried might be pretty tasty. Not sure if it will pan out that way but I intend to give it a go.

I’ve never stuffed jalapenos before. I’m wondering how hard it is and am looking for any advice you guys care to share.


Not very hard, though it’s time-consuming.

I’d just pop the top off and pull out as much of the seeds/ribs as I could. Fill with sausage and deep-fry.

What time should I be over?

That’s what I was thinking. But wont the goodness fall out when frying them?

(Heh, I’ll get back with ya’ on a time and date)

What she said.

I use a small fruit ball scoop to remove the seeds and ribs.
Note: Hurts like hell if you get any in your eye.
Stuff with cream cheese, wrap in bacon and bake or grill.
I believe the cream cheese neutralizes the pepper stuff.

I made some for the first time for Fourth of July. It wasn’t hard, but I had a little bit of difficulty getting the seeds and ribs out. I was afraid I would split the pepper down the side from the amount of force I was using, but it didn’t happen. I mixed up some cream cheese, some shredded cheddar, and a little mayo to thin it down a bit, then piped the mix into the peppers with my decorating gun and a pastry tip with the widest opening. Then I wrapped them in bacon and tossed them on the grill. I was surprised at how little filling leaked out. I kinda expected a big mess.

***Wear gloves while handling the peppers! You do not want to rub your eye (or any other mucus membrane) even a couple of days later and set your eye on fire. (Happened to me - I had some small amount of jalapeno essence under a fingernail. Yeowch!)

Depends what you stuff them with. Cheese is going to melt. But something like boudin will stay pretty solid even when it’s being fried in oil.

No. If you place them in the fryer oil gently, the batter will hold everything in.

Sorry, I can’t locate the exact recipe we use, but yes, we halve the peppers, stuff them with a sturdy cheese-based mix, then bread them in a crunchy coating. It all holds together beautifully.

I just use a paring knife. Slice off the top, dig the paring knife in the pepper vertically to remove the ribs and seeds as best you can (I often twist the knife to scrape along the edges) and stuff. It shouldn’t be any sort of problem, and I don’t care if all the seeds are out–just there’s enough room to stuff. Actually, I like leaving the heat in, so I prefer a bit of seeds and ribs being left behind. Also, similar to what purplehoseshoe mentions, you can cut a slit on one side of the pepper and scrape out the innards with your finger and stuff it that way. It should hold together fine.

If you cut the top off and get the ribs/seeds out (I use a long paring/fishing knife), you can always stick a toothpick through the top (after you stuff it) to keep everything in.

Above methods sound good, but too much effort for itty bitty jalapenos for me. I may try it with poblanos or those long Cuban peppers, though. Mmmm, boudin.

What “itty bitty?” The jalapenos we get around here are a good 4 inches long. Just the right size for poppers.

Get yourself one of these. Not only is the grill handy, but the tool they include for seeding peppers is a whiz at it. I wouldn’t even bother with the batter.

Same here. About 4 inches on average. Up to five or six, if you get a particularly big one.

I buy small ones to stuff, because I am a wuss concerning peppers.

How small are your jalapenos? Seriously, it’s hard for me to find one that’s smaller than 3 inches.

Then you’re doing it wrong - I’ve found that the smaller the jalapeno, the spicier it’s going to be.

Sometimes jalapenos (and other peppers) don’t take batter well. I double coat them with wet batter (batter, flour, batter), then let them sit awhile before frying. When I stuff them with shrimp and cheese I usually have to slit the side to fit the shrimp, then put a toothpick through it to hold it all together. I’ll hold it in the oil by the toothpick or shrimp tail until the batter sets before letting it go. It should float at that point if it’s battered well.

Get yourself an old-school potato peeler to clear out the insides. Try the dollar store.

I and the folks I cook for are still alive. :slight_smile:

I do it another way. I slit the pepper down the side and carefuly remove the seeds under running water; I keep the ribs becaise I like the heat. Stuff 'em and either wrap ib bacon for the grill/oven or batter and fry 'em.
The stem makes a nice little handle.