How hard is MCSE?

Anyone here done it? What does it involve? What programming languages does it cover?


How much maths is involved?

I have an MCSD, which covers some of the same stuff as MCSE. Anyway…i think MCSE focuses more on the networking aspect of computers, rather than programming.

However, all the languages covered are from the Microsoft Visual Studio development package. You have a choice on the tests that you take (I think you have to pass 4 tests to be certified as an MCSE)…anyway, you can find the requirements here.

At least for the MCSD, I’ve found that almost no math skills are required. Its all just logic (and memorizing of the Microsoft corporate mantras).

Also, the books that Microsoft actually publishes to study for their tests have good information for when you actually start working, but they don’t really help you pass the test. One of the best ways to prepare for the certification tests is either to practice with Transender tests or look at the answers for the tests at

The MCSE certification is a cert that caters to IT professionals, primarily system and network administrators. It is not a programmer’s certification (the MCSD is the programmer’s cert.) No knowledge of programming is required to pass any of the tests.

How difficult you will find the tests depends largely on your level of experience with Windows NT networked environments and proficient you are at taking standardized tests. If you have some real world experience already, the tests should be a breeze. Typically, most people will pick up some study guides or books, read on their own, and go into the testing centers and take the required tests. Those who aren’t quite as good at taking such standardized tests or have limited experience with the products tested (primarily Windows NT workstation, server, and enterprise edition; or Win2K professional, server, and advanced server) usually opt to take (in my opinion, outrageously-priced) courses.

Math? There isn’t any beyond simple addition and multiplication (you have 10 28.8 modem lines, do you have enough bandwidth for this application?).