How has the disgraced former President Trump pissed you off today?

Well, his defense, like several before him, is that he was the guardrail. Why, without him in place, Trump might have tried to overturn the election.

Couldn’t he have volunteered to tell all these stories after Trump was no longer in office but before his own book? Well, I guess not and how dare anybody question his motives.

What, you mean at the impeachment hearings?

So the Trump International Hotel is no more, which would go into the “schadenfreude” thread except that the Trump family managed to sell the lease for $375m. The federal government still owns the actual building.

No better example of something he bought (well, leased) strictly to graft off the presidency than this.

If only there was a bar from doing this sort of thing; say an emoluments clause or something. Our founding fathers could have put it in one of the articles of our constitution. Sad.

Trump has no use for clauses, laws, or morals. Those are things lesser beings need to worry about.

Or that Trump hadn’t dragged things out so long that he was out of office by then and SCOTUS dismissed all such pending cases as moot. Even sadder.

CREW calls it a “sinkhole of corruption”:

Well at least when he is re-elected he won’t be able to use it for grift.

We (and the press) should note that the Tangerine Turnip did not own the hotel or sell it. It was a lease from Government. Burns my ass because even reputable sites list him as owning it.

Many of the properties baring his name are, in fact, just paying for the naming rights (seems stupid to me but it’s a way to grift the MAGAhats).

He did own the hotel (the business entity known as the Trump International Hotel). He did not own the physical property the hotel operated from. He has sold the hotel (business) to a group that will plans to put it under the Waldorf-Astoria brand of hotels. They will also not ‘own’ the hotel (physical property) but will indeed ‘own’ the hotel (the Waldorf-Astoria or whatever they end up re-naming the business). If they choose to vacate and move next door, they would still ‘own’ the hotel as a business AND still not own the physical location.

It’s one of those weird bits of semantics where the word ‘hotel’ is being used in two slightly different ways for both the business (which he did own) and the physical property (which he did not).

Whoever bought that lease is sitting on a goldmine. All manner of Republican-affiliated groups seem to hold events there, and Saudi government officials just love the place… money seems to be no object for them on rooms and catering. It can be hard to build up a base of loyal customers but the new management team will actually start with that advantage built-in.

Sounds like this sort of investment strategy

Do you really think foreign lobbyists will continue spending money at a hotel Trump doesn’t own anymore? The Saudis didn’t even bother to occupy the rooms they paid for most of the time.

I think you’ve been whooshed.

Maybe. So hard to tell anymore.

“I’ve always been pretty cynical, but these days even I have a hard time keeping up.” - Lily Tomlin

Not Trump, but one of the Trumplings

Donald Trump, Jr. as The Great MAGA Prince.

I kid you not

Pretending to be Aragorn is OVER THE LINE! :angry:

YOU SHALL NOT PASS a bipartisan bill