How has your NYR benefited you?

New year’s resolutions are so prolific right now and I’m curious after reading the NYR thread going on right now about how some of you will do in the coming weeks when you’re having a measure of success implementing your goals.

Even if you stick to doing it just 5% more of the time.

For example, **monstro **wrote: “I’m going to try to have two meatless days a week.”

troubled water: “To eat at least a pound and a half of vegetables every day”

Siam Sam: “Make more time for reading.”

echo7tango: “De-clutter the house!”

and here’s mine: cut out the cookies today.

As I was reading through the posts, I wondered how I might make my thoughts more meaningful and sticky. Why am I cutting out the cookies today? Because every day is today and sugar and flour and that double stuff in the middle wreaks havoc on my being. And I know it. And I can’t stop once I get started. At least that’s what I’ve fooled myself into thinking.

(Because one cookie doesn’t exist. They come in clumps. Yes, multiple cookies in their neat little rows beckon to roll off of their cute little assembly liner into me until they are all gone. All kinds of cookies. Oreos and Lenel’s. I’m no snob; generic black and vanilla cookies and broken windmills will do fine. Even the gingerbread house kit that one year that I gave up on building mid-way and cleared away a bite at a time.)

Really, cutting out the cookies leads to clearer thinking and better body flow for me. Not to mention if I cut out the cookies and eat something more nutritious in their place (like fruit), I’m doing myself a huge favor. And that one little habit change can possibly overcome a little bit of inertia each time I didn’t eat cookies and in a world of wonder, lead to other good habits.

So monstro, and others, if you happen to trip into this thread after a few days/weeks of working towards your changes, and wish to share, I’d love to hear how it’s going for you? How has having one or more meatless days a week benefited you? How much happier is your body after eating a pound or more vegetables in a day? And has it led to other changes or surprises?

Wow, that was longer than I intended. Must be more energy for writing because I had NO cookies today!

Yay me!

P.S. And I really want to know when **shakes **visits Maple and Motor.

Just writing it down on a message board has kind of made it a “real” goal for me. I know none of ya’ll really care, but it still makes me feel like I’m gonna being held accountable somehow. So that’s the first step.

I don’t know if I’ll feel an effect on me right away. I typically don’t eat a TON of meat anyway. But I think it’s a good exercise in self-discipline and putting things in perspective. I don’t need meat, but I do need vegetables. My whole life my mindset has kinda been the reverse (e.g., it’s not a real dinner if there’s no meat). So this is just a small stab at changing this around.

Hi monstro, thanks for stopping in.

I agree with putting it out there makes one feel more accountable. I haven’t had cookies (except the Web site kind) since I posted.

I’m also changing up my diet and your meat thing has me wondering about how we think of traditional meals. Do you think in your case it’s a protein thing as well? I know it’s kinda hard to get satiated on just veggies, but when protein of any kind (even beans or nuts) is added it makes a huge difference for me.

Then again, I was astonished to learn that some green leafy veggies have protein!

For anyone who has broken their New Year’s resolutions yet (I know there must be a couple of you): I’ve always considered January to be a test run, and you can start keeping them for real starting in February. So buck up!