How have smartphone apps changed your habits?

I have a high quality camera in my pocket at all times.
Even if I’m on a run and see something cool, there is never the sensation of “Wow, I wish I had a camera” since I carry a very good one with me at all times.

The iPhone 7 Plus hybrid camera (two lenses) is particularly cool and justified the huge size of the phone in my pocket.

On the tangent of tablets, the iPad has completely changed how I handle sheet music. Instead of carrying binders full of photocopied and dogeared sheet music around, I just bring my iPad.

I set up the iPad on a music stand, open Forscore, and put a Bluetooth pedal on the floor so I can change pages with a tap of the toe.
Our whole setlist is configured, all pages in order, with my scribbles and annotations done using the Apple Pencil.

My wife has been jealous of me and my sheet music, as she was still carrying around her binders of piano music. I got her an iPad Pro for her birthday the other day and we did our first digital set together at church. She loves it.

I’ve had too many to list right now. My philosophy when it comes to my smartphone is that it should simplify my life, save time and keep me off my computer. Instead of the phone adding to information overload, it should help me aggregate and sort information.

For example, instead of spending hours every week reading the news from numerous websites, I get an RSS feed of them all and only click to read deeper on the ones I want to know the details of. My time spent on news is a fraction of what it once was.