Things having a smart phone has greatly improved

Taking shits.

Sitting in waiting rooms.

Waiting at Red lights.

Driving long straight aways where you only need to look at the road periodically.

Walking in crowds.

Secretly browsing pornography.

I came here to write ‘boredom’ but your list covers that in varying ways.

Other than that, it is good for comparison shopping, research, and keeping up to date.

Commutes. Factchecking. Buying/printing/using tickets.

Those times when you are sitting around talking to each other trying to remember that name of that one person from that one move who was married to that one guy. She was hot.

If I need to work on a machine or my car or anything, I can snap pictures, which makes re-assembly a breeze.

I never have to copy information down anymore, I just take a pic. (stuff like serial numbers, model numbers, board notes from a meeting, etc).

I can retreive users manuals, service manuals, How-to videos, etc. while I am in the field working on something. (or even if I am just out in the garage underneath a car).

There is always a flashlight in my pocket.

Sharing information/pictures/etc is easier.

There is always a calculator in my pocket… also a unit converter.

I can adjust my thermostat from anywhere.

I can start my truck or lock/unlock it’s doors from anywhere.

I can stream podcasts from my favorite sports radio show to my truck’s stereo without having to take the phone out of my pocket.

I can use my phone as a universal remote for my TV/DVR/etc.

I no longer have a wad of customer loyalty cards taking up space in my pockets.

I can make grocery lists, or any list and I always have it with me.

I can google/dictionary anything at anytime.

I can read my cars’ diagnostic trouble codes.

I can order things from Amazon or nearly any retailer from any location easily.

I can find movie times, and purchase tickets quickly, easily, from any location.

…And just to list a few more…gas prices, guitar tuner, police scanner, flight tracking, statistics calculator, stopwatch, alarm clocks, WebMD.

Seriously, it has revolutionized they way we communicate and access information. It is hard to think of much it has not improved at least marginally.


I got a smart phone for one reason - to check the weather when I’m out riding my motorcycle. If I see a dark cloud on the horizon, I want to know how big it is and what direction it’s going.
I got the phone shortly after riding home 35 miles in a downpour. When I got home, I found out I was riding in the middle of a rather narrow storm that happened to be going my way. The ride would have been so much better if I’d stopped at a McDonalds and let the storm pass ahead of me.
I also use it to find cheap gas.
And, yes, most often, I just use it for killing a few moments of time - but I do prefer games that challenge me to think a bit.
I have never used a phone in the bathroom.

Look at his name… I’m just sayin… I’m not surprised.

I was going to write “checking out porn while taking a shit”, but if you want to split it into two separate items, so be it.

These are the biggies.

Danger Danger!

Being on vacation. Want a good local restaurant? Yelp. You can’t get lost, you have GPS in your pocket. Helps you use public transportation. Have a question not answered by a plaque - “wow, I’d like to learn more about this flood” - hello, Wikipedia. I don’t know what I used to do without it.

Bus Tracker has revolutionized my mass transit experience.

Who does this song? Oh, yeah, Shazam it.

Is that Mars or Jupiter? Sky Map!

Don’t need to carry CDs back and forth from the house to the car. I just plug my iPhone into the car stereo. I also don’t have to change CDs. I just load up a playlist before I drive and don’t even have to touch the phone. It makes for less distracted driving.

All of the above (apart from the driving one). Also I have a record of my home blood pressure readings to show the doctor whenever I’m there, and I never forget to take my medication nor run out.

We had friends over for Christmas and took them to the zoo. By the time we got there, the queue was huge - easily an hour long. While waiting in line we bought tickets online, the confirmation email arrived to my phone and we dropped out of the queue and showed the phone to the guy on the gate. Quite a little thing, but it made a huge difference and is only possible with a smart phone.

I was last in a left-turn lane of about 15 cars on the way home today. When the light turned green nobody moved, apparently until someone honked. Then three cars made the turn, and the next car sat there until somebody honked. Two more cars went through and then the light changed.

Put the god dammed phones away and pay attention to driving.

I visited a friend recently who would check her phone at every intersection. People must honk at her a lot when she’s driving alone because I had to keep saying, “Green light!”

I can prove someone else wrong (or be proven wrong) must faster than ever before.:wink:

You misspelled “much.”


posted from my iPhone.

I got an iPhone before my husband did. Using Shazam to answer the “what song is this?” question in a restaurant convinced him that day that yes, he really did want one.

The Sky Map option is a good one as well. If I’m out walking and wondering which particular planet that might be, no problem.

Not just comparison shopping, but ability to get reviews on the spot. A lot of times if I intend to buy some kind of general item in a store, I’ll pull out the Amazon app, scan a barcode, and check reviews to see if people like the item/think it’s reliable/etc.

I used to carry a phone, book, ipod and led key-chain light around with me, and a GPS in my car. So it’s basically just minimized the number of gadgets I carry around, with the downside that the form-factor isn’t as well optimized for any given task.

So honestly I think the usefulness is there, but kinda limited, with the exception of when I’m traveling and so need to look up stuff but don’t have easy access to a computer.