How have you changed as you’ve aged

Then you’re probably not getting slapped as much as you used to.

Yeah, but this is always in the category titled “If you were coming across as creepy, you’d never know.”

And even if you’re just positive that the “gals at work” love your suggestive comments, a random employee who hears you (or hears of you, or the boss they report it to) might not be amused.

Don’t know if at the ripe old age of 33 I can be considered to have “aged” in this thread at all, but I’ve become a lot more tolerant for people’s “dumb” mistakes because almost nobody in the world makes a willful, intentional mistake. Almost everyone makes mistakes for reasons that make sense at the time.

You are aging just fine.

Over time I find myself much less apt to be automatically triggered by whatever Well-Meaning Persons in society/the news media think I should be outraged over.

Scary health warnings start losing their impact too. Coffee will give me cancer/protect me from cancer//save me from dementia/turn my G.I. tract into a dead zone. Meh, I like coffee.

I feel the same. The world feels very different