How have you grown on the sdmb?

I was re-reading someone of my older posts, from when I first joined the SDMB…and let me just say, I want to appologize for being such a bubble-headed little airhead!

So, who else feels that they’ve grown a LOT from their time on the SDMB!

For example:

I made this statement in a GQ thread-no one called me on it, but now, it makes me cringe…no sites, just saying, yeah yeah, of course they do that!

So let’s here it!

On second glance, this might be more IMHO. Mods, if I made a mistake, please move it.

Sorry 'bout that.


I haven’t grown too terribly much since I’ve been here. I’m still a MPSIMS/Pit kind of girl. Well, with a dash of IMHO and Cafe Society. I’ve only made one or two posts in GQ, basically because I don’t have the time to reference things I post.

Maybe that can be my goal for next year. :slight_smile:

About seven pounds.

Lucky…I’m about 15 pounds…:eek:

I have learned alot about people. What it takes to offend them, for instance. Now I try to avoid it, and it works well for me. Citing is imperative! Love having my head ripped off and chewed up by a 495 pound rottweiler for that one.

Guin, I don’t think we really want to examine my first few hundred posts … or even the few hundred before I got to post 8K…:wink:

I learned to be more skeptical about what I read and hear. A lot of what we regard as “common knowledge” turns out to be common organic fertilizer. If I post something I’m not sure of, I’ll say so.

I am not nearly as interesting or unique as I originally thought. It is kind of like reading The Onion. I think “how clever am I for enjoying an understanding this satirical article that millions of other people are also reading and…oh, dammit”.

Don’t post after the sixth beer.

Or after a round of NyQuil[sup]TM[/sup]

Ditto. I automatically assume everything I hear is BS now. In other words, I’ve become a smug, cynical bastard.

I actually have become less of an A-hole. Working in the health-care field, I have developed a nice sense of compassion for my patients, but for some reason had learned to leave it there and pick it up again at the time clock.

SDMB has taught me that there is a world outside the walls of my hospital, and that there are people who deserve my respect and attention even though I don’t see them up close and personal.

Through interaction with y’all, I have become less of a recluse as well.



I no longer inject alcohol directly into my veins.

Is too ashamed to go look at her original posts
Gawd I was such an idiot…
Silently blesses all the people on the SDMB for putting up with her and for helping her grow out of her idiocy

As a new member, I know I am making posts that I will look back on and regret. However, we always have to move forward.

Being on this board has made me more careful about what I say and when I say it. I’ve also become ashamed of my poor grammar and spelling and for the first time, am seeking to correct it. :x

I am glad to be among such talented and intellegint people. I am young and foolish, so be as harsh as you need to be. :smiley:

Bah. Did I mention I am dyslexic?

Having had the opportunity to meet and interact with people completely unlike those I’ve worked with for years, I’ve gotten a wider world view and I’ve shed some of my personal ignorances. I’m more likely to question or challenge idiotic pronouncements from those I might have ignored in the past.

Since I pretty much live in MPSIMS and IMHO, I’m thinking most of my posts remain in the lighthearted-banter realm. I’m still too cowardly to dive into GD. But I like to think I have a more enlightened approach to stuff in general. Plus I type faster.

Deep, huh?

Like a few others, I’ve learnt to be much less gullible and to require a little more proof than “a friend of a friend said”.

I’ve also broadened by horizons by taking a trip out to the states to meet a bunch of dopers. Without the SDMB I wouldn’t have had such a good excuse!

Also, I was looking at an early post of mine the other day and… I didn’t capitalise my "i"s. I was horrified.

I’d like to think I’m not as quick to post, that I take a few seconds to think about it first. That’s made a world of difference. My sarcastic nature hasn’t changed, just mellowed some. I remember the very first post I made, the mods had to move it I put it in the wrong forum. How’s that for making a big first impression?