How have you guys not pitted Elon Musk yet?

I mean, he called one of the British divers who rescued the Thai kids trapped in a cave a pedophile on Twitter. And then he doubled down on the claim after being called out on it. Just what the fuck is wrong with him? No, seriously, what the fuck?

Mods, close/delete this thread because I can’t search to save my life.

So, you were pitting the Board for not pitting someone but, upon learning that the Board actually had pitted him, have now turned this into a self-Pit? :smiley:

Hey, at least I can admit when I’m the fuck-up.

Excellent question. I for one haven’t pitted him because I was waiting for you to pit him while pointing a finger at everyone else after someone before you pitted him. Is now a good time?

Ok, so now I did.