Blaming the victims could be more about you and your world ! I like to know if you would had been able to standup and point out the man that sexual assault as a teenage girl !! And made that a man with a lot power that could destroy your life before it even got started !

uh… :confused:


Just a SWAG that there is a poster named Convextech and he blamed a victim somewhere, at some point. Just a hunch though since the OP decided not include a single bit of context or a fucking link anywhere in their post.

I presume this is the post that has the OP irate. Which is admittedly Pit-worthy, but this wasn’t exactly the best execution.

Linky, I guess.

Loach != convextech (unless you are claiming sockage!!!) :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think Troutman linked it. Either way we need more effort from the OP on their next attempt at a pit.

I thought this was a pitting of an IT company for rotund people.

I thought it might be a health issue, an attack of some sort.

pha, come back to the thread and tell us you’re ok!

(preferably in clearly written sentences…)

Weird. That was supposed to go to the OP in the same thread.

I do hope she comes back. We could all help her form the kind of OP that convextech has earned.


I was 12 years old when I was molested by my grandmother’s brother. I told him off, and told my parents. Unfortunately, my parents decided not to do anything because it would cause strife in the family.

So yeah. SPEAK UP! Waiting for years does nothing for you, and your attacker isn’t going to be punished either, unless a bunch of women come forward with you, not to mention all the other people the attacker is still molesting because you remained silent. We have a responsibility!

Just happened to see this thread by accident and wanted to set the story straight. 50 year old woman now, and still fighting for the rights of women who come forward in enough time that it actually matters.

That statement does seem to be at odds with this one:

Why are you telling us about it now? You didn’t tell us at the time, so now you should shut the fuck up.

Or would that be rude and ridiculous to say?