To snfaulkner


I have to put my comment here.

All you’re doing is showing how utterly retarded and insensitive you are now.

I agree.


The OP in the linked thread screams out “troll” to me. Nothing to see there except people feeding an attention whore.

Here, too.

Especially since the thread has disappeared.

(sound of car backfiring)



I agree.

I’m guessing this would be the 16 y.o. whose counselor was “into him”?


I’m not sure what I just watched, but thanks for linking it! At least I got something out of this head scratching thread.

Someone needs her bullshit detector recalibrated.

Recalibrated? She needs to turn the damn thing on.

Guys, sometimes it takes longer to pick up on that crap than you imagine. I remember watching members jump on a newbie (as in First Post newbie) over what seemed to me to be a pretty innocuous question. I’d probably been here for half a dozen years and was already very active. It prompted me to ask why whatever they were saying couldn’t be true. Surely, that kind of stuff happened all the time and, occasionally, those people would end up on these boards. Right? And everyone explained to me that there were tell-tale signs… Only post was kinda out there. Didn’t post in others’ threads. Cross-posted to other forums across the net. Etc. etc.

I still don’t think I was convinced for a while and it pained me that we might be denying real help to someone who needed it. But eventually, the pattern did emerge for me and now it seems glaringly obvious when someone is trolling. Sadly, like I said, it took a helluva lot longer than I’d care to admit. So, I’m gonna cut Thelma some slack. I bet she just hasn’t had as much experience when these things come up and didn’t realize. No harm, no foul. We’ve all been there.

There was an upside. I was gonna post a my therapist wants to fuck me thread and have now thought better of it.

So what will the trolls think of next?

She’s been here for almost 6 years. It’s taking longer than we thought.

Ok, so the guy was determined to be a troll and his thread removed. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until more cynical heads prevailed. Big whoop. Any more points anyone would like to make?

Let’s run that through the translator:

"Shit. Fuck. Damn it. Fine, you guys were right after all, and now I look like a total doofus, but because my horse is far too high to easily climb down without falling on my ass, I’m gonna double-down and pretend that falling into the troll’s web was more noble than actually calling him on his trollery the way the rest of you did.

“I’ll now make light of it and brush aside everyone’s corrections, and definitely won’t even consider apologizing or admitting that I insulted/pitted a guy/gal who was sharper than I. Oh and I’ll also play the martyr card, because maybe that’ll work.”

Whereas a more gracious person would have written:

There, you can use that as a template for next time.

As a word of advice, in my personal opinion almost everyone whose first post here is a request for relationship advice, especially a screwed up relationship, is probably trolling. We usually give them the benefit of the doubt unless it’s blatant. Let the responder beware, especially in cases where the OP doesn’t come back, or comes back to post ever more screwed up details of the relationship. I mean really, who comes to a random message board to ask advice like that?