How Helsinki ruined my 30th Anniversary plans

Originally, My Beloved and I thought about going to Worldcon in Spokane this year(a Wordcon within easy driving distance-yea!!)…but a family emergency came up. So, we came up with this brilliant alternate plan of going to Worldcon on our 30th Anniversary in 2017. Four cities were bidding for it: Montreal, Washington D.C., Helsinki, and some town in Japan. Rumor had it the Japanese bid was a very long shot, with the favorites being D.C. and Montreal-both within our budget.
Well, the voting for the 2017 Worldcon took place took place Friday night at Sasquan(the Spokane 2015 Worldcon). What I didn’t know was that the Helsinki bid team went all out with promos and bid parties on Wednesday and Thursday…and got nominated on the first run through Friday night.

Anyone in Helsinki want to put us up for a week in 2017? :smiley:

Well, so much for plan B. :smiley:
We’ve decided to go with Plan C-NASFiC-North American Science Fiction Convention. Whenever Worldcon is held outside of the U.S., an alternate convention is held that same year somewhere in the continental U.S. Of course, we won’t know where where exactly that will be until it is announced next year, but we’ve decided to commit ourselves and go no matter where it ends up.

If you go to Helsinki, go to the Hotel Kamp.

Champagne and caviar for breakfast. (I understand you aren’t seriously considering going).

If we had the means, we would definitely go, but both the travel cost and the extra time off needed make it impossible-I only get five days off per year.

If that doesn’t work out, you can always go to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.

Update: After looking at flight/hotel package deals that seem to be halfway reasonable, we changed our minds. It’s for our thirtieth anniversary, and we’ve got two years to save up…so we’re going to Worldcon in Finland in 2017.

Helsinki is a wonderful town, you’ll enjoy it (be sure to take a trip to Suomenlinna)