How I saw M: I 3 AND avoided supporting Tom Cruise

Now, I always liked the Mission: Impossible TV show, and really enjoyed the first movie version of it, despite it not having Peter Graves and it killing off Mr. Phelps.

I missed the second movie, being all busy with life and things, but when the 3rd movie came out, I got a hankering to see it. I heard that the effects were pretty good, and it was exciting and all that, even if it wasn’t a timeless piece of cinematography.

But I am not a fan of Mr. Cruise’s public pronouncements about how other people need to deal with their mental health issues. Combining that with some other public antics, I didn’t really have a desire to support the movie or his career. I know my miniscule ticket offering won’t make much of a difference, but still…

Anyway, last night Mrs. Mercotan and I were out of town at a conference, and the theater next door had a rather mediocre selection of movies. The only things that really appealed were “Poseidon” and “M: I 3”. With my moral reservations about the latter along with what appeared to be an inconvenient starting time, we bought tix for “Poseidon”, tho with no extreme enthusiasm.

Upon arrival into the movie house, we noted that “Poseidon” started in 10 minutes, but another screen had “M: I 3” starting right away. Turning to Mrs. M, I said “Aw hell, let’s see Mission Impossible”.

“But, what about not wanting to support Mr. Cruise?” she queried.

“That’s the beauty of it! We’re not! We bought two tix for “Poseidon” and as far as this theater and Hollywood is concerned, we’re seeing “Poseidon”! Now let’s go see M: I 3!”

And we did, and were entertained, yet our tix dollars are being applied to a completely different movie!

Good man. Screw Tom Cruise. If only you could pick who your dollars go to…sigh

Yes, but purchasing the tickets you did obviously means that you support tidal waves.

Technically, rogue wave. :wink:

You say you don’t want to support Tom Cruise but you spend money on a movie about a cruise ship. As if the Scientologists don’t get a piece of that…

I think I’d rather support Cruise than remakes. :frowning:

And just what then is the third in a series of movies based on a TV show? :dubious:

Don’t be so hasty to judge QtM, Tom Cruise’s recommendations for dealing with life’s travails has solid pseudo science behind it. Scientology also sponsors education for school kids on how to deal with drug addiction. Read up! You might learn something new! :wink:

Qadgop, may I just say that you are my new hero for the week?

astro, I know you know it, but in the interest of fighting ignorance, especially about addiction, I just feel the need to note that the Scientology “explanation” for addiction is a load of dingo’s kidneys.

And thanks, Guin. But what did I do? :confused:

Just about anybody who cheats Tom Cruise and his crazy cult gets my automatic appreciation.

Quoted by Astro:

Guess that explains the orange sweat in those Gatorade ads.

Good job on the civil disobedience, QtM! You’re right, *Poseidon * gets the twenty bucks toward its overall box office draw, and Mr. Cruise gets that much less.

Whoa, hold the phone for a hijack- Narconon is a $cientologist thing? Well, shit… I know a guy who runs a Narconon house for recovering guys, and he seems totally normal (for being one of us, I mean). The guys in the house even show up and work their asses off at every church workday we have, since we let them meet in our hall once a week.

Well, I guess you learn something disheartening every day…

I heard $cientology also runs a string of tutoring centers for high schoolers!

I did the movie flip flop once.

Ended up seeing Turk 182.

Do not confuse Narconon with Narcotics Anonymous, or NA which is a very helpful 12 step program, modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous.

And further, don’t confuse narconon with Nar-Anon, a 12 step organization for people affected by a loved one’s drug use. It’s analogous to Al-Anon.

I don’t know this for sure, but believe the Scientologists chose the names it did for their so-called drug and alcohol “programs” because of their similarity to the 12 step programs.

No, it’s definitely Narconon, I have the guy’s business card…

Additionally, we shouldn’t confuse it with CounsCar Narc-Anon, which is an enormously helpful support system targeting Counsellors who work with Narcs who always do automotive shift work. Really. Can’t say enough about those guys. :wink:

Qadgop, I usually admire your style but I have to say I’m a bit horrified. They just made a baby, a beautiful little living human. You’ve taken that 20.00 and put it into **Poseidon**? When that baby goes hungry for a few days because Tom comes up 20 bucks short on grocery money, I honestly cannot imagine how you will live with yourself.



Well, so much for that theory.