Mission Impossible

Just saw the latest add for the new Mission Impossible movie. I have absolutely zero interest in seeing this movie. Not just because of the crazy cultist Tom Cruise but because he ruined the point of MI for me.

The TV series was about a team not about a lone individual fighting against everyone else. From what I have read, that is what Cruise insisted on in order to do the movie. Frankly, I’m tired of the one man against THEM that seems to have taken over the action movie genre. I would really like to see a movie more in the mold of the MI series where a team works together and noone on that team turns out to be a spy or the big baddie.

So essentially, I won’t be seeing the new Mission Impossible, and Tom Cruise is a giant douche.

Even Simon Pegg doesn’t get me to watch the commercials, much less the movie.
Cruise = :click:

On the other hand… Brad Bird. Brad *fucking *Bird.

I would watch Brad Bird direct traffic.

Would you watch Brad Bird sell his soul, tho?

I don’t care about his soul, I care about his skills. If the man can put together a live action fight sequence equal to those in the Incredibles, I’m there.

I thought the reviews were all pointing out that in this movie, they do work as a team and that the movie thrives because of it.

Indeed. I am actually considering seeing this movie on the big screen, and for that reason.

Then that is a step in the right direction. I wasn’t even aware they were making another movie and only stumbled on the commercial yesterday and only half watched it.

Still, I’m so soured on the franchise and TC that I doubt I’ll see it.

Sadly, I’m at the point in my life where I’m not as in tune with movies and the various stars as I used to be. I have no clue who Brad fucking Bird is.

I’m hearing great things about the movie, by the way. 90% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, though only with a small sampling(38 positive, 4 negative).

Ebert(3 1/2 stars) writes about the Burj Khalifa scene:

He wonders if it really is Cruise hanging outside the building.

It is. Here is some neat amateur footage from an observation deck. He waves to them.

The only way I’d see this movie would be if Cruise’s rope broke during the Burj Khalifa sequence. I’d pay good money to watch him go splat from that height.

Directed The Iron Giant for Warner’s - best non-Pixar animated movie of the past few decades (if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor - very poorly marketed by Warner Bro’s)

Directed The Incredibles - the best Pixar movie (they scooped him up after WB fumbled Iron Giant and taught Bird how to work in computer animation)

Directed Ratatouille

Cruise, who - say what you will - is a fucking brilliant behind-the-scenes film guy when it comes to putting movie deals together, offered Bird the chance to do a live-action movie and Bird took it…

FX was doing a short ‘making-of’ promo for this movie. Whatever his faults (and they are many), Cruise won my bad-ass of the year for doing those stunts on the outside of the building. I was getting vertigo just watching him do the stunts.

Dude, he’s just a crazy cult-following actor. Not Hitler. I’m super anti-Scientology as well, but I don’t wish ill will upon Crusie, Travolta, or any other whacko followers.

That’s pretty badass in these days of CGI and capable stuntmen. Made me want to see the film.

Yeah, he’s getting good reviews over here. And that it is more of a team story, maybe not like the TV series, but more like the first movie (the DePalma one), with one lead character for sure, but also a solid batch of secondary ones. Far less a star vehicle than the II and III.

And the first movie totally butchered the theme song. Haven’t seen the others.

I’ll be seeing it, opening night. Looks great.

See, I just can’t get past how much I dislike Cruise. Travolta doesn’t even bother me because he seems to keep his wacky beliefs to himself. I really don’t care if Travolta doesn’t believe in psychiatry, or thinks there are body thetans, or a Lord Xenu… as long as he doesn’t impose his beliefs on me. Cruise is just a pompous jackass. When I see him in movies now, I see Tom Cruise the douchebag, not the character he’s playing… I never thought he was all that good an actor anyway.

And for what it’s worth, the first-film hijinks don’t seem possible without teamwork from computer genius Luther Stickell: Hunt presumably can’t break into Langley solo, as he’s stopped cold when trying to bluff his way in while disguised – but clever hacking gets 'em back on track as planned, such that Hunt then plays cat burglar with a muscleman’s help while Stickell ferrets out the password – sure as the entire heist is only worth it if our hero can trade away the electronic loot right in front of a signal-jamming expert.

Saw it tonight.

Cruise was fine. Simon Pegg and Renner were lots of fun. I really hated the female lead. I felt like her acting was a real drag on the film.

This film felt a lot cheesier than the prior ones. It didn’t take itself very seriously at all. And that was OK. Not a great film, but an enjoyable ride. I doubt I’d watch it again, but I don’t regret spending the money to see it on the big screen.