How I'm saving money on gasoline

As many of you know, I drive a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport; a fine vehicle. But it it only makes about 20mpg combined city/freeway on my daily 90-mile round-trip commute – and that’s if I drive it carefully (don’t exceed 65mph, try to maintain a constant speed, etc.). With gasoline prices rising daily (and it’s not even summer yet! :eek: ) it’s costing me almost $10/day just to go to work.

Well, I can’t very well pay less for fuel; so I’ll just have to burn less of it. To save money on gasoline, I’m riding my 600cc Yamaha. It gets between 50 and 55 mpg. (Okay, today I’m in the Jeep because A) it’s street-sweeping day; and B) I need to run to REI to look for some new hiking boots.) I don’t like paying two bucks a gallon for gas, but it hurts less when you don’t need as much.

Think of how much money you’d save if you rode a motorcycle!

What I don’t get about the gas prices is this: If oil companies are going to bone us in the ass, can’t they spare a little petroleum jelly (Vaseline®)?

Think how much money you’d save if you rode public transportation!

I rode on a motorcycle once, with a big strong guy, and I was even wearing leather pants and everything, but I was so scared of my imminent flaming death that I screamed the whole time, so motorcycle…for me, not so much.

Also Johnny, don’t use vaseline as a sexual lubricant! You must use something water based! Don’t blame the oil companies for that! :smiley:


“Public transportation”? In L.A.? Hahahahahahaha!

Oh, I was just trying to be funny. Actually, that part of my anatomy is “Exit Only”.

Just another notch on the wall for Chicago. You can drive here AND you can take public transport AND you can walk AND we have a beach…

all hail chicago.

AND you can have well lubricated anal sex.


But not, as it happens, with jarbaby.

::Runs so fast I create a blue-shift::

I try to take public transportation whenever possible. That means, never. The rail system in Louisville, or Columbus, depending which home I’m at, is non-existant and the buses…well, no, there will be no rding of the bus. Luckily, I get 27-34 mpg and gas is running about $1.51 right now, but I have thought about getting a bike for that very reasons you mentioned.

But not, as it happens, with jarbaby.

::Runs so fast I create a blue-shift::


Well, manhattan, certainly not with YOU.


Moron next door once decided to save on gas, Thought he found a cheaper brand. Diesel. Yes, he thought it was another brand, like Mobil, Exxon, Sunoco…different nozzle ? He doesn’t notice, thinks it’s the pump. Olds DID make some diesels, so attendant thinks nothing. End result: work for his emchanic, big yuks for neighbors.

Awww. I’m sorry, jbj. I hope you know I’m just funin’ ya.

As to the actual OP, I’m in the reverse situation. I haven’t bought a gallon of gas for about 10 years. So when my birthday present gets here from Italy, I will actually be increasing my gas purchases. But still, I’m promised 54 mpg or so, so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Consider it my contribution to solving the energy crisis. Heh.

sayeth manny

. So when my birthday present gets here from Italy,

** WHAT??**
You didn’t buy a Harley???

Gas lowest grade hit $2.02 a gallon today in my area of Chicago. I find it amazing that if there are three gas stations at an intersection and one has gas for $1.87 and the other two have gas for $1.93, people are gassing up at the places where the gas is $1.93. I want to smack them upside the head and ask them why they aren’t paying attention.

$2.02 is way more than I am comfortable paying so I am considering some options… the police station a few blocks away has a gas pump…

Italian motorcycle ? Pray, do tell…

S. Norman

Sorry, Snormy, not Duc.

My Moto Guzzi California Special (in white) should be ready for delivery on May 27.

Why not get yourself a sport-touring bike? I’ve got a Kawi Concours that gets 40-42 mpg, granted not AS good but still not bad, plus it’s almost as quick as a 600 and I can get a buttload of stuff on it. You can get them pretty cheap too. Hell I can’t stand driving most of the time but all winter everytime I went out it seemed there was black ice on the road and I learned the hard way that bikes and ice don’t mix. :frowning:

I need a cooooool rider

A cool cool cool cool rider.

I need a C-O-O-L


Grease 2…is there anything it DOESN"T know?


Well, the Seca II has been pretty darned good for the last (almost) 68,000 miles, so I think I’ll hold onto it. Besides, it was a birthday present from my late father.

My next bike will be a Yamaha R1, Yamaha R6 or a Ducati 748.

Johnny LA, a friend of mine is trying to sell me his Diversion 600 (the European version of the Seca). What year is yours? What are your experiences with it? Reliable bike? Quick? Comfortable? Any points of attention? Thanks in advance!! Oh, the bike he has is a 1995 Div 600 with 26K kilometers on the clock.

Manny: that is a WAY cool bike. Wow. Not precisely my type of machine, but a great looker nonetheless. Are you getting the additional “Chips” package? Do we have to call you Ponch now? :wink:

You knew I’d be along sooner or later to bust your chops, right? The first thing I thought of when I saw your thread title is “Oh, he must be riding his rice burner to work”
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(God, I hope that wasn’t offensive to the PC police. I mean no harm or ill will to anyone. It’s just a joke)

Hey, at least his rice burner can corner at a speed higher than 10 MPH without wiping out the entire state of Milwaukee. :wink:

I recommend the following books for the M.N.D. (assuming he can read):

Automobiles for Dummies
The Idiot’s Guide to Automobiles

No, I don’t know if those books actually exist, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised.