How in the world did CBC lose the Olympics?

I live in Michigan and I can not believe that CBC lost the bid to air the first Olympics in Canada since 1988!

Anyone else notice this? I guess CTV outbid them.

If you are unfamiliar, CBC usually has excellent coverage of Olympics and was the only place to watch live coverage during the Beijing Olympics last time. I have always relied on them over NBC for the main coverage.


Read about it here

Anyone else pissed off about this? :mad:

Not really. CTV has near-blanket coverage going on. They’ve even got Brian Williams anchoring. Feels like old times.


I live in Canada, so there is no reason for me to be pissed off, for CTV and Rogers’ coverage is national anyway. That you are stuck with NBC is unfortunate.

This year the Olympic coverage is being done in-house by Olympic Broadcasting Service which then feeds the various networks. You’ll be pleased to know that the person running this was previously with CBC Sports.

BTW, CTV covered the 1988 Winter Olympics in Canada.

The problem is Americans can only get CTV if they live close to a Canadian city. The local cable companies don’t carry CTV because it usually just rebroadcasts American network shows. In contrast, most cable systems in Washington State and other nothern states will carry CBC. Have any cable systems put CTV on the air just for the Olympics.

I’m pretty sure your real problem here is that NBC Olympic coverage is a giant cesspool.

If it makes you feel any better, sporting events haven’t started yet and CTV is currently showing a mix of inspirational athlete profiles and what appears to be a really bad morning talk show thing…though I’ve got it muted, so I suppose it could have improved slightly over the earlier segments.

I’m actually not complaining - when it was CBC, I only had two channels to watch (the English and French ones) and they often showed the same thing. Looking at the schedules now, and the fact that CTV, RSN, TSN, RDS, V, and OLN are all showing different events, and the fact that I have all those channels… if I didn’t have so much homework and studying to do, I could manage to watch most of these Olympics!

With reporting like this, do you think they deserve to have coverage? This is straight out of the Onion. Here’s a few choice quotes:

The article writer not just strains the bounds of credulity, he takes them and destroys them. Masterful reporting from the CBC, I tell you. Homerism is one thing, but that was absolutely ridiculous. My God, someone held the Canadian women’s hockey team to only 18 goals? CRISIS!

Well, Slovakia was known for beating Belarus 82-0 a few months back. I mean, never mind that Belarus only has about 40 female hockey players in the whole country- for the Canadians to face such a dominating team in Slovakia was a huge challenge…!

Shockingly, the link to that story on CBC’s main site is titled Satire: Olympic Humour. Not particularly funny, I don’t think, but clearly not meant to be taken seriously.

Uh, yeah, we know. It was in my opening post.

You don’t do well with humor, do you? :wink: