How is babby formed? how girl get pragnent?

I know the answer, but I am curious what types of people would learn about it the last?

I would have guessed children from ultrareligious families, but then again, most religions encourage childbirth and its importance, so they might have “sex is for procreation” drummed into them at an early age.

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I used to work with developmentally disabled young people (in a hotel), and one of the kids was from a religious muslim family. Although he definitely knew “how babby formed” (you can’t really avoid some sex ed in the Netherlands) he did have lots of questions. If you can’t read and so lack access to the internet, and all your peers are pretty much the same, coming by information is going to be quite difficult. I was clearly one of the few people he felt he could come to with questions.

One thing he wanted to know was how the baby comes out of the woman’s tummy. I think he had heard of the basic idea, but he didn’t think it would fit, so he didn’t trust the information he had been given. Which makes sense, because a lot of this stuff he would get from peers, who I suspect might have often misrepresented information they had been given. Students would often approach me with questions about information they had misconstrued.

So I’ll say developmentally disabled people from religious backgrounds are probably the last to learn, as they often have no reliable means of finding information independently.

Good point, it’s not lack of information that leads to ignorance, paucity of good information in a sea of bad information.

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What hotel job would put one in contact with developmentally disabled kids? :confused:

Businesses frequently contract with specialized agencies to provide employment opportunities for developmentally disabled adults.

When I have nothing better to do, I answer questions for ChaCha (a service that lets you text in queries and get an answer sent back). I am continually astounded at the ignorance of these people regarding basic reproductive information. There are plenty of kids in the United States who are old enough to have access to a cell phone who aren’t sure yet how babby is formed.

How do you sign up for this? I want to do this. :cool:

My bold.

That is ‘adults’, gracer specifically said “kids”, as well as “students”. You may still be right but I’d like to hear from gracer as well. Basically anyone can sign up who has a US address and is over 18. You watch a few orientation videos, and then they send you some test questions, and you get approved to do it a few days later. If you do decide to sign up, pm me first for my email address, because I get a bonus for referring people.

You get paid 1 to 10 cents a question, but I pretty much only do it for amusement purposes. It only works out to about a dollar an hour. You can also watch a tv show in another window or read the SDMB while you are waiting for questions to come in. Besides being continually amazed at the state of sex education in this country (“if i poke 2 tiny holes in a condom, will i have twins”) I am also kept up to date on all the latest boy bands.



Well this just seals it then! Done and done! :smiley:

That was just short hand for the standard response, abbreviated so as to not clutter up the thread. It begins “they need to do way instain mothers, who kill thier babbies, becuse these babbies cant frigth back?”

Where I’m from (WV/OH/KY area of Appalachia), a significant number of teenage and even into adulthood girls give birth without having known they were pregnant. Lack of knowledge is obviously a cause, but factors like drug-addled parents (and the kids themselves of course), general body size in that geo/social area, generations-old lower intellect breeding–all that–go into it.

I’ve been sitting at some people’s house and their girl (14, 15 yo) yells out, Mama I’m gonna have a baby! And the mama says, Oh god, when?? And the girl yells, Right now!

One time it was our village cop and his wife. Neither one knew she was pregnant. No word on if they knew how…

Are you politely saying they are so fat, they don’t notice the ‘bump’?

I think there are a few factors. Yes, many women there are built big around in the waist, for a number of reasons. Many are very, very overweight. (If you go to BINGO, you’ll see people who sit on 2 or 3 folding chairs pulled together to support their azzes.)

I suppose some of the “unknown” pregnancies are unrevealed. They’re afraid to tell their families, or their boyfriends/husbands. (Short-term planning at its finest.)

But yeah, besides the belly camouflage, there just so much lack of knowledge that the girls don’t recognize the signs. They miss their periods, they say, oh it’ll start up again. They feel the quickening, they take antacids, thinking they’ve just got tummy problems.

Seriously. It’s backwards there. I’ve adjusted well. :smiley:

That these kind of people exist just leaves me agog. Perhaps I’ve led a sheltered life.

I’d say that ultra-religious families that AREN’T farmers and/or animal breeders would be the ones that teach their kids latest/least.

If you grow up breeding animals, or just around animals that mate regularly, you know very,very well how babby is formed. ROFL

So basically, some sad combination of rootless white-bread suburban and ultra-religious.

For instance, Amish kids might be raised very religious, but they have no illusions about the forming of babbies, from very early on.