How is Mozilla: Firebird better than regular Mozilla?

I’m using Mozilla and love it. I get no pop-ups and it works quickly.

What is supposed to bet better in Firebird? I read they “why you should get it” on and I don’t see one thing offered that is better than Mozilla.

What’s up?

It looks better, is a lot faster to start up and use and has a few additional features (dynamic stylesheet changes in 0.7). But I think its pretty much the same with all the essential features and no bloat.

It’s just a browser and doesn’t include the mail and news clients, which should make it faster to load, etc.

I can’t wait for the 1.0 release of Firebird. I use Mozilla for browsing and for e-mail and I hate the fact that every time I open an internet shortcut from my desktop or any other external program it loads the link in the Mozilla browser but pulls my freakin’ e-mail client to the foreground (it’s Mozilla, too, you see).

You probably have the mail client set as your Mozilla default, if it’s popping up all the time. It’s easy to change.

I recently switched from Mozilla to Firebird, and I only really miss two things:

Easy access to the IRC client Chatzilla (this kinda goes for other applications in the Mozilla suite that other people might use)

In Mozilla, if you open a link in a new tab and it fails to load the link, it shows the link in the address bar; in firebird it just says about:blank. That problem was in early versions of Mozilla, too, so maybe it will be fixed eventually. (This bug is mainly a problem on the SDMB when I open up threads in new tabs, then they fail to be loaded, I can’t just refresh the tabs, I have to go back to the thread index and try to remember which links I opened.)

Well, I prefer Firebird to Mozilla, due to the fact that it has no bloaty features like a chat client or email program; I use Trillian and web-based email, and find them more effective for what I want to do. Because of the lack of bloat, it starts up faster. Also, I prefer the look of the default interface, but of course that is a purely subjective thing.

Firebird has some unique extensions that Moz can’t use. It can also open new links in the background.

Mozilla can do that also, and could since 1.0 IIRC.

I didn’t mention it in my other post, but I basically feel the same way as everyone else. Firebird starts up way faster and has much less overhead.